Here we go into another year! May it be more graceful than the foundation-adjusting 2020! Actually 2021 does feel a little lighter than last year, though that doesn’t mean no challenge. It’s the challenges that show us how our foundation is supporting us through the constant change of the physical realm. Adaptability is key.

The overall energies of 2021 are Freeing Your Heart. Our path of Ascension is moving into a heart chakra dominance that integrates the upper and lower frequency bands into a unified field. You become a powerful electromagnetic bridge of heaven on Earth, non-linear and linear, universal and local.

January Magnifies the Year

Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, guides the yearly and monthly energies as a path of progression that hones your mental and emotional energy (your Subtle Bridge) into powerful, sovereign flow that unifies your infinite and finite aspects. The theme of January is often a clue for the entire year.

Looking back just a few years, 2019 energies—the Year of Freedom—began with Patient Potential in January. Patience is another way of saying neutrality; an open and active state of creation without the push/pull of duality creating such chaos through change.

What great preparation for 2020. Finding Freedom in confining circumstances was powerful work.

2020 was the Year of Following Your Heart. It began with the January energy of Connection. How we deal with Connection was huge in 2020 as patterns were disrupted.

The inner connection of accessing, hearing and following your heart was paramount since you were either stuck alone or with other stressed-out people and tasked with finding a connection to your balance in waves of chaotic information flow.

2020 taught people to connect to the whisper of the heart amidst the din of fear. Though it may have felt like movement forward (or Ascending) was lost from time-to-time, that was clarifying your Connection to your infinite well-spring of power—your heart (chakra).

January 2021

Here we are at 2021, with the overall energies of Freeing Your Heart now bringing your power into this realm more actively. Connection, a heart chakra energy, has prepared us for expression, a throat chakra energy.

The January Energies fine tune your path with Focus.

As we build on Gabriel’s Horn, where infinite touches finite; your dragon power shifts your Focus of elemental mastery from Earth/Fire to Air/Water.

We move from a physical Focus of sustaining life (Earth/Fire), into more and more conscious co-creation with our mental/emotional Subtle Bridge (Air/Water). All the years of preparation of observing your thoughts and feelings, the vital Awareness pillar of Ascension; are now coming into a new level of responsibility.

We begin to sense the Age of Aquarius clarifying as Time cycles into more familiar territory. Another key aspect of our Ascension is a shift in Time. Time itself does not change; we do.

Time Reveals

Time is a subtle energy that influences our density. Depending on our density Focus, we can only perceive Time as the immovable day vs night, or as the more subtle response to our perceptual experience—the Focus of our mental and emotional flow. We discover it is both.

Does the past weigh heavily into your density or has the Gordian Knot been unraveled into power?

The decisive slicing of your sword of forgiveness and perception into the deeper, less obvious rules of engagement solves the infinite puzzle in its next finite expression.

It’s not an answer that comes from the past. It is in your present capability to see beyond what has been done before. To touch potential and power, present meets future. Connection comes into Focus.

How do you Focus the future into creation? With your infinite engine, your Heart; and your finite engine, your mind.

Open Your Focus

When you maintain an open state to potential and a deep connection to your present, you empower your spiraling information to a farther reach of manifesting momentum. This is the past as strength that built the momentum of the story. Take that power, Loving One. It’s just an ocean of old information wanting to renew, to aerate, through you.

The waves of fear wash over instead of pulling you under. The waves of Love lift up instead of tumbling you out of control.

Focus is an awareness that supports clearer navigation, even in the unknown and unanswered. Focus is surrendering to the times of rest, play and readjustment as new direction reveals itself from completely invisible to Mists of Avalon potential. Oh, how the subtle immersion teaches in every moment.

Focus is blending your detail, which is for the physical; and your broader universal laws that aren’t as uniformly applied. Uni-verse, one and many. Connected.

This is where diversity meets sovereignty, as you understand that how the universe manifests through you is unique and unified. Finite and infinite meet again. You magnify the Light into a powerful beam that shows you the warming and the warning of what fire can do in form.

Focus Your Dragon Power

As you Focus your dragon power into the mental (air) and emotional (water) dispersment, you become a powerful Focus of your divinity into humanity. One and many, rippling out.

What Focus is calling for your attention? How are the experiences in your life showing you to go with the flow and direct as appropriate?

This is a time of implementation into greater detail of subtle realm rules. Your resonance, your beingness, is speaking to you with greater clarity.

Focusing a lens brings more information into clarity. It amplifies Light into detail.

You are Focusing your lens of awareness, the important first pillar of Ascension, into a path of manifesting a freer heart.

An open mind creates a path for the Heart by Jamye Price

This is the era of the meek inheriting the Earth. To inherit is to receive from the past. What is the past to you? A burden weighing you down or a workout that made you stronger?

The feather-weight heart is strong from lifting past shadows into the Light, from holding vast space in finite Focus. This moment (Now) brings the past and future into Focus.

What do you see in this hall of mirrors? Focus Love’s potential into greater clarity through you. 11.11

Happy January!

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