Weekly LightBlast – Allowing Grace

You are the choice point of your Life.  It can seem as if there is limitation around you, and in-deed there is.  But in thought, you are the limitless being that is only currently limited by your ability to Love.  With Love so unconditional that there are no bounds of good/bad, you access such vastness that the benevolent limitations of third dimensional expression are surpassed.  Your body begins to build an immunity to hatred and welcomes the truth of Love in all forms.  Your mind stops resisting those that do not eat, pray and love as you do and finds the common thread of Love in All.  Your understanding has the definition of what is and the unknown of what can be.  Your actions are subtle, where the greatest creative force resides.  Your choices are the power of Love in expression on Earth.  In this way, grace flows in such ease through you that the compelling magnitude of Love forms your Life.

Allowing is a courageous and powerful point.  It takes great wisdom to Know When a moment is ripe for change.  It takes great bravery to go against the weak norm of opposition and dominance through fear.  One who Allows is in such peace that the moment of challenge is Known as a moment of powerful change.  You have that power within you – to Allow Love to embrace and transform a moment.  Can you do that in your work?  Can you do that in your relationships?  Can you do that without expectation in situations that cause others to hate loudly?  It is what brings true change.  You are that change.

As we sit to Blast Allowing Grace, we are becoming the powerful Loving Beings we have always been.  We are peaceful with saying no and allowing opposition.  We are graceful with saying yes and allowing another empowerment.  We are wise beyond the moment and courageous beyond time.  We are Love in human form, seeing that Truth in All That Is.  We are the future in Love, the present in peace and the past in wisdom. This is Life; Love flowing through time in all manifest forms.  You need merely allow it to flow peacefully, powerfully through you.  Blast on!

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