Forgiveness is the key to your freedom.

Freedom is an important aspect of your power. When you are free, you do not live your life by consequence, you do not make your decisions by others needs. For as others needs press upon you, you take their freedom from them.

Counter-intuitive? Yes. Well thought out? Yes. That you would experience confusion around this subject of your power – well thought out. For as you become free, truly free, those around you will begin to resonate. You will entrain others.

It is a multilayered process, for in your circumstances you will find your areas of constriction and non-freedom tied into each other. You will find others’ needs pressing upon you ever so loudly, sharply, heavily.

But Shiva, there are needs that must be met — parents with a child… how do you meet these needs from a place of freedom?

Freedom does not release you from all human experiences, freedom changes the energy of that experience.

The parent that feeds, clothes, shelters, loves the child from a space of freedom brings that child their own freedom much more quickly, much more expansively. A parent that feeds, clothes, shelters and loves her child from a place of fear, brings that child to fear ever so much more.

Imagine your need to eat surrounded by fear. This is what many experience. Imagine looking at the future of life and seeing fear. This is what you may experience when you are loved from a place of fear. So it is that when you are loved from a place of freedom, you do learn that (freedom).

How is it that you love from freedom? You know who you are (Divine, powerful).

Recognize that true love only ever comes from freedom. Any other conditions, and it is not true love—it is need, it is control, it is manipulation, it is obligation. This you do to yourself, you do to others, and others do to you. In order for you to feel good, certain circumstances must be presented. This is a condition that you put on your love, on your experience.

The energy of forgiveness brings forth a release of conditions within your energy field. The energy of forgiveness brings forth a release of expectation. The energy of forgiveness brings the release of the wound. When you release the wound, there is no scarring remaining.

The energy of forgiveness feeds you with power. It feeds you with power. How is this so, you say? As you release through forgiveness, you become stronger than that which you held. As you release that which you held, you become free. Power does not exist without freedom.

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