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  • Cosmic Consciousness Ascension Deck

    Cosmic Consciousness Ascension Deck

    Every card is a healing Light Language transmission.
    This unique 72-card deck and 125-page guidebook offers you deep healing and support on your path of empowerment and Ascension.

    More information in the description below.

  • Aligning with Your True Power (LOVE)

    Aligning with Your True Power (LOVE)

    As you embrace your True Power – Love, you align with the powerful unseen force that builds worlds, one atom at a time.

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  • crystalline flower of life

    Crystalline Soul Healing Session

    The Crystalline Soul Healing Template that I developed, which is a Lyran healing method, creates rapid change that integrates smoothly.

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  • Mother's Milk Light Language Healing Jamye Price

    Mother’s Milk

    Your Feminine/Masculine balance is your wholeness. This healing transmission assists your physical and emotional body with Divine Feminine Balance.

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