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Crystalline Soul Healing Session


The Crystalline Soul Healing Template that I developed, which is a Lyran healing method, creates rapid change that integrates smoothly.

See the description below for more information. 

Currently unavailable.


During this one hour phone or skype audio session, we talk about what you would like to work on (as vague or specific as you like) and I work as guided by Source for your empowerment.

The Crystalline Soul Healing® Template, which is a Lyran healing method that I developed, creates rapid change that integrates smoothly.

As I channel the Crystalline Soul Healing frequencies, you may hear me speaking Light Language, toning or emoting. I will continue until I am guided it is finished for that time period. When I finish running the healing frequencies, we will discuss what happened and any guidance that is appropriate for implementing your changes.

I am an energy healer with a focus on empowering you to create your best life. I am not a psychic reader, I do not predict futures.

Energy healing and guidance can help you progress faster and easier, but your active participation is necessary. FAQs

Please note this is not a Light Language activation or coaching session, it is healing in nature. Please refer to Light Language classes HERE.

After you purchase the session, I will email you within 24 hours to schedule. Please note I am currently booking about 3 months out. Weekend SCHEDULING IS  NOT AVAILABLE.

Refund Policy

Cancellations received prior to 48 hours of a scheduled session will be refunded in full minus a 5% processing fee. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will not receive a refund. Session must be used within one year of purchase and is non-transferable. More refund details.

For a long time I would have these random very negative thoughts which I never could truly relate to. After our session the thoughts are gone. I notice my mind is quiet.

It’s been two weeks and I already see the changes.  I feel my back is healing. I feel more confident and unconsciously I’m aware of my self worth.

Jamye, since our sessions I’ve had some amazing transformation.  I don’t use the word amazing lightly.  I have lost 13.8 lbs in 14 days (normally fast loss not healthy, in this case very healthy), I have more real energy (not adrenal driven) and am sleeping better than I have in 20 years.

Hi Jamye, I just wanted to tell you that I truly believe the last session we had together was the start of the change for everything for me. The month of March has been full of synchronicities and Magic. Thank you so much.

I truly can’t thank you enough for all you’ve supported me through! You’ve helped me change the course of my existence and it’s such an incredible gift. I’m so grateful for you!

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