As you integrate the smaller, you do prepare for the larger.  As you learn Forgiveness in one area, you prepare for forgiveness in the next area. As you reunite step by step up through the degrees of separation (not necessarily in order!), you are coming to a point of mass resonance that signals preparation for larger and larger healings to occur.  While this was just presented in a linear fashion, as if one happens before the other, they all happen simultaneously, and often silently. 

Each person, whether perceived as ‘helping’ or ‘hurting’ the healing, is playing a beautiful part in the illusion of separation. Each person that heals any form of separation, whether observed, understood or acknowledged; has participated in the collective (game) of separation to remembering Unity, and honoring Uniqueness.

How, blessed being, have you served? The answer? Brilliantly. For your impulses are heartfelt, heartformed, and hearthealed.

Ascension has been occurring since before your birth and culminating, not on a date, but on a midpoint that is expanding. You are integrating more of yourself, that which you believe you separated from, that you agreed to remember, not for the challenge – but for the JOY.

When you experience the opposite, whether desired or undesired, do you repel or remember? The repelling pushes—not the undesired farther away, but the repeller farther from the midpoint of integration.

Or do you remember? The remembrance, though it may seem as if it requires one to surrender, it actually has the effect of expanding you and offering the other the same opportunity should they also choose remembrance.

Which is better or right? Neither, for each moment is an opportunity for expansion. Either the moment is now or later.

Within the linear construct of Time, it would seem there is a difference; however, in the circular construct of Time, All is, was, and shall be.

Did you think that Time would not also play its part? For it arranged itself based on the needs of the Separation, for its origin is the same as yours.

Without Time, how would you delineate each step, for they would all be happening at once? Without Time, how would you begin and end each piece of the puzzle, for they would all occur simultaneously? Without Time, how would you mark the victories and losses, for the victory may occur before the loss? Without it, how would you separate?

How would you remember?

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