Blessed Being, you are the physical of heaven on Earth. You are the bridge of Polarity Connecting the two into One.

It is inbuilt into your biomechanism as you navigate the realm of linearity. You are consciously awakening your infinite as experiences form in your life.

Divine human, being.

Connecting Breath

As you breathe the sacred fire from within to without, you transform what-was into possibility’s route.

You become because you are, both human and star.

You become because you are, separation never far.

The dragon within has power unknown. What is undone becomes, for your nature is one.

As you view, you perceive opposite; for it is not you. Yet always the mirror is reflecting two.

As you become more timeless, time stops and speeds. As you become more Oneness, your infinite self perceives.

The cosmos is vast and within.

You are becoming it once and again.

You are Polarity Connecting as opposites touch. It is within your heart, therefore unseen for time. In your sacred space, pulses sound form’s bind.

You are Polarity Connecting futures within.

You are Polarity Connecting the past again.

Polarity Min(e)d

Crystal skulls hold information in time. Your bones and breath walk angles and lines. You bend it and break it with every movement. You must see through time to believe without proving it.

Trust only the moment for its movement is still. It is in your moment that future potentials build.

You feel and inspire to vortex Life’s fold. Whether silent or still, you shape future’s gold.

Movement is a moment of stillness to touch and contain. It is not held, it is hutched for the time of growth’s gain.

It is for your heart to nurture and pulse into Life’s vein.

Movement becomes momentum as the moments align. Opposites are connecting through spirals of time.

Your heart’s desire is life-giving oxygen. It is pulled, transformed and pushed within, only to feed connection once and again.

You are Polarity Connecting old to new.

You are Polarity Connecting Life in you.

Connecting Courage

Bless you, sweet dragon, for your courage to Love.

When fire burns, fly higher dove.

Transformation suits you, for your nature is time.

Connect its opposite, for your nature is divine.

Polarity is not two. It is One in you.

Become the Connected, the Knowing,

The few.

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