ascension-light-language-unconscious-to-conscious[This was channeled on 08-08-08, but is still applicable and powerful today.]

Powerful times indeed. These times now that are before you are accelerating rapidly. Expect change, expect opportunity, expect your reflection to be very clear. When you look at what is reflected to you in your life, if you look within, if you look behind the obvious, you will see that what is reflected to you in your life is opportunity. The opportunities that are before you now, are opportunities for rapid expansion as such you have yet to experience. You have the opportunity now to understand your power.

When you look at what is before you, if you look too closely you do not see the entire picture. (channel has hand in front of eyes) This is what is in front of me, this is what I see – you must step back in order to get the perspective that you need. When you step back, when you disengage, the perspective that you have is the entire picture. Not the blur that is in front of your face, not the excitement of the emotions, when you step back and you disengage the expanse that is before you will offer you a much easier transition. That which you experience in heightened emotion clouds your judgment, it clamps the flow of solution and it has a comprehensive effect, where more challenge and more challenge seems to be presented. It is this clamping of the flow that is compounding your challenges. When you step back, when you disengage, flow has an opportunity. It is the flow through you that brings forth change.

When you flow with change, change is exciting, change is easy, change is natural, change is progressive. When you try to change in a state where you can’t see, or you try to change in a state where your emotions are so tight – change is painful, change is frightening, change brings resistance. It is the stepping back, and the disengaging that will bring you newness in your life in a way that is pleasant. As you experience change from a perspective that offers you great expanse, you begin to appreciate change, you begin to welcome change. You begin to view life from your expanded perspective at all times. This is the opportunity that is here for you now, for we tell you from this day forward movement will be rapid. As you resist, the movement will be challenging; as you flow, the movement will be Divine.

There are great Light Codes being activated within the All of humanity. This is a particular time and space that is very powerful for your evolution. You will begin to see if you step back, and you disengage and you utilize your expanded perception, you will begin to see change is everywhere. Often times, it is difficult to see your own change for you are too close to view the entire picture. As you step back and disengage the emotion that is attached to your expectations, you will begin to view your life from the expanded perception that others view you, that Source views you.

The trick to others’ view is to find those that have no expectation for your life. You would expect your friends or your family to reflect to you how changed you are. You may be disappointed to find that they are unable to see it. You are the one that must see your own change. The time of allowing others to validate your beingness, your worthiness, your success, your failure – this time is rapidly passing. It is the time of recognizing from your own viewpoint who you are. Do not expect others to tell you who you are, expect that you already know within you how powerful you are, what your capabilities are and how fast you can change.

These Light Codes of this time and space bring forth great opportunity for recognition of your empowerment, recognition of your Divinity. There are those who have come before you, there are those who are around you that already seem Divine. The stories of Jesus Christ walking on water, healing the sick, bringing the dead back to life – though these are specific stories to a specific time and experience, you are capable of all that the masters are capable of doing. This Jesus told you before he left and it was one of the few things left intact (from his message). You have been taught for many thousands of years that you are less-than, that you are incapable and you are separate. This time now reactivates that knowingness within you that you are just as powerful, just as masterful as Jesus.

As you step back and disengage, you will begin to notice these changes within, and you will begin to notice these changes without. It is these times that offer such rapid expansion, that all around you, you will see change. Surround yourself with people and experiences that support your change, that flow with you even if it is just for a time. And those around you that challenge you, flow with them as well, for they offer you great opportunity.

This time of the number 8 represents your connection with All that is. There has been great separation, this is where you lost your power. These codes of the 8 bring back to you your connection with All. As you find your connection with the Divinity that you are, you will find that within you great power resides. The Flow Force of this power is Love. The opportunity that Love has to flow into you is equal to the opportunity that Love has to flow through you.

The flow of Love has been greatly misconstrued. At times, the flow of Love has been dammed from entering your body, the flow of love has been stopped. The flow of Love is often unseen. Humanity has begun to experience love in its reduced form and accepted this as the wholeness of love. You do not feel, on a daily basis in all that you do, the wholeness of Love that the universe flows to you. That opportunity is all around you and yet you have been taught to resist that. This is the time, as you reconnect to the entirety of your divinity that you open fully to that flow. Love is for every one, every thing, every experience.

There is nothing that you do, there is nothing that you say, and there is nothing that you think or feel that would stop the universe from flowing Love to you. You are precious. You are perfect. You are so dearly loved that at every moment, whether you are asleep, awake, whether you are happy, whether you are angry – you have legions around you flowing Love to you. You do not see what this does for your physical body, you do not see the interaction between yourself and the world all around you via Love, but there it is with everything – objects inanimate, nature, people, food, water and the air that you breathe. There is so much Love around you. It is what sustains you.

This time, and it will accelerate, is for you to find all of those places within you that are blocking Love Flow and release them so that we may flow more and more and more Love to you. This is why you experience this challenge as human – that you may come from experiencing this smallness, this separate body, this singular perception of the world around you and remember that you are the greatest Love of all. You will find these places within you, these experiences, these feelings, these thoughts, these beliefs, these challenges; and you will ask yourself ‘what have you come to teach me and how can I find a way to Love you?’ As you find this opportunity and experience in joy, you begin to recognize there is nothing on this Earth that you can not Love. You will find that as you access your Love that you will naturally step back, and you will naturally disengage and you will naturally have the power of the universe flowing through you. There is not magic to healing someone, to knowing that you can walk on water; there is such a powerful force of Love, that nothing can stop you. These codes of the 8 bring forth your mastery, your only job is to Love it in to being.

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