June Ascension Energies – Balancing Opposites

June Ascension Energies by Jamye Price

May Review

The month of May, Exercising Trust, brought us deep. It felt like exercise in patience and personal choice as we waded through external noise and internal readjustment. With such extremes, we are tasked to maintain our balance in such rapid and consistent change.

This is normal during this powerful time of polarization, as divinity divides into a new clarity of creation. The choice of multiplying Love or fear.

May was definitely beneficial exercise as the creative force continued forward, even when the world pauses. As we navigate the new potentials preparing within, we are learning to Trust the unknown better, and consciously utilize focus beyond the immediate external.

It takes courage to balance engagement with the external realm and nurturing the sacred chamber within. This brings us to the June energies.

Balancing Opposites Within

I was shown the June energies as Balancing Opposites. Of course, it is an equinox month, but this goes beyond just a connection to that timing. It speaks to a larger timing that continues to spiral into the zero point of pure potential.

This is a layered process that is constantly occurring to varying degrees, but June brings us to a potent creative flow. Do you Trust yourself and Life to navigate your creation? Life Trusts you.

Gabriel’s Horn began this year with a clarion call to the finite to meet the infinite within. This paradox of opposites asks you to embrace the pulse of life from inner to outer, for both are a reflection perception.

Gabriels Horn by Suzanne Siroka

Gabriels Horn by Suzanne Siroka

We’ve been tested through challenging externals to maintain the clarity of connection and freedom within. June feels softer than these previous months, but don’t expect things to slow down too much in the external.

Neutrality Balance

The grand opportunity of this month is balancing the opposites in your experience into a new connection, a new expansion that Follows Your Heart to greater Love. June feels like a turning point, beckoning you to focus your powerful Love within and without and saturate your life with sacred solution.

June’s eclipses feel like the loud, slow tick of the clock as you are so still that the clicks tune you into a rhythm of knowing that Time’s infinite movement keeps moving past Each. Finite. Second. And while this moment is quiet and loud, all is well and constantly changing.

Improvement is the natural flow of Life, but that is a perception reflection. What possibilities do you perceive in the unknown future?

Paramount in June is the neutrality to sustain focus through the ups and downs of the pulse of life. The back and forth of the ins and outs are the engine of duality. Your neutrality is the ignition of change, the catalyst of new creation. The paradox in such chaotic change.

When you ignite your neutrality, the peace that passes all understanding saturates a situation with the plasma of exciting potential. The connections of possibilities become closer to creation as the clock ticks the finite time.

Opposition Point

The opposites of tension/contraction and release/expansion dance the ins and outs of new direction. Like a wave of flow, you are spiraling into the (k)new, the unknown, the unconscious realization of potential birthing forth.

Imbalance is the Dance of New Balance by Jamye Price

As you relax into the moment, you are balancing into the pure potential, embracing the tension of expansion. It’s the zero point of two opposites becoming a new one. You are the one in the oneness of diverse duality, your lens magnifying an aspect of creation revelation.

June will call you to see connection in the separation of self that has limited your previous power. This is the Ascension, a powerful turning point for humanity—the connection of self with your divine birthright of creativity. Relax into the flow as we spiral toward the natural changes of life improving.

It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it.

Change begins in the invisible to be held and nurtured in the space of you. It becomes visible as a potential from time to time, as you read the clues of life portending potential. As you saturate yourself with the positive potentials of Love, that cup runneth over into the waves you create in your world. Exciting.

July Ascension Energies - Creative Power
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  • Sapna Kalyan
    Posted at 00:07h, 07 June

    I am working on increasing the connection of my mind to my heart and trusting my heart to lead my mind into more peace and ease with the flow of life

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 06:58h, 07 June

      Wonderful, Sapna! That will be a powerful foundation for your future!

  • Beth A Adelsperger
    Posted at 11:05h, 06 June

    I want to stay attuned to my heart center vibration of Love.

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 06:59h, 07 June

      Beautiful, Beth! That brings such a powerful flow to Earth!

  • heidi gabrielsen
    Posted at 11:17h, 04 June

    Thank you Jamye🌼
    You help me jump into the unknown and trust my ability to create my life

    Love from Heidi💓

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 06:59h, 07 June

      Blessings, Heidi! Thank you!

  • Andrew Matheaus
    Posted at 12:46h, 01 June

    I desire more inner peace and strength. Thank you Jayme!

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 13:48h, 01 June

      Yes, Andrew! I know you will create that!

  • Brenda Taylor
    Posted at 07:17h, 01 June

    I desire a stronger connection to Spirit/Source/God

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 13:50h, 01 June

      Yes, Brenda! You’re always connected and improving!

  • Debi Auten
    Posted at 22:29h, 31 May

    Truly trusting my potential to create against the challanges I face without fear… : ) Staying grounded so that I may flow in the present moment.
    Thank you for all you do : )

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 14:09h, 01 June

      Beautiful, Debi! Grounded courage to keep moving through the fear!

  • Samantha Halls
    Posted at 16:35h, 31 May

    I want to focus on trusting myself more, to stop self-sabotaging and to follow what I know I am meant to do here.

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 14:10h, 01 June

      Excellent, Samantha! Small steps & fun along the way!

  • Samantha Ferretto
    Posted at 16:20h, 31 May

    I want to bring my authentic voice and self into the external world, with a spirit of peace and equality.

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 14:10h, 01 June

      Beautifully stated, Samantha!

  • Jennifer Campbell
    Posted at 18:16h, 29 May

    Following what lights me up and what creates expansion within. To live from heart and allowing my soul to lead.

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 08:35h, 30 May

      Yes, Jennifer! It ripples out and changes everything!

  • Leanda Michelle
    Posted at 22:50h, 28 May

    A sacred solution is exactly what I seek. Thank you Jayme ❤️

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 08:32h, 30 May

      Blessings, Leanda!

  • Rebecca Lovett
    Posted at 12:57h, 28 May

    I desire more abundance. Thank you and many blessings, Jayme.

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 08:32h, 30 May

      Sweet abundant blessings to you, Rebecca!

  • Michelle Suzanne Kidd
    Posted at 11:29h, 28 May

    Hello. I am working on trusting myself and Knowing that I am enough. My Love/Light feels Huge and Powerful and I am working on creating more Love, more Light, more Joy, more Excitement and more Awesomeness.

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 08:32h, 30 May

      Excellent, Michelle! Your Light is huge and powerful!

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