June Review

June was an interesting one. With the energies, change was in the air, it has been increasing throughout this year. June brought to light what was within. Hopefully, you found yourself observing with a bit more detachment. It’s not always easy. Don’t expect pure detachment, pure immersion or pure separation constantly. This time is about anchoring a new way and it most often comes in waves. Just keep following your compassion and strength to greater focus on Love.

I’m seeing a new level of empowerment integrating that is holding the energetics of wayshowers/anchors/Lightworkers in greater support as humanity opens and awakens. It’s an interesting experience. Keep doing your internal work (May’s energy was also supporting that clarity) as you strengthen your focus to flow more strongly into the world. We are beginning to live more and more of “Being the change we are waiting for.” Keep up the great work!

July Energies

July brings Time into greater focus. We are living an experience with Time. I capitalize it to add emphasis to its greater nature than just the clock, the seasons or even cycles.

The path of Ascension is about coming into more conscious interaction with the subtle realms. This is a natural progression according to Areon. The subtle realms have always been there, we’ve always interacted with them, we’re just becoming more conscious with it rather than just reacting to life.

Time is part of the subtle realms.

Our emotions and thoughts are our “subtle bridge” according to Areon, the Lyran Council of Time. Our thoughts and emotions are subtle, they are how we communicate directly with the subtle realms. We could call them our perceptions, our beliefs, our disposition, our intentions, our inner realm—they form how we make choices to interact with Life.

As we shift our thoughts and emotions into a conscious clarity, we interact with the subtle realms differently. It requires becoming clear within yourself about your perceptions (receiving life) and your intentions (interacting/giving with life) so that you are focusing toward creating what you desire.

To direct focus requires a clarity and strength of intention. That is different than just thinking certain thoughts or suppressing and directing emotions to manipulate your experience. July will bring more of your intention and clarity into focus as we learn to align our relationship with Time.

Integrating Time

Time is a relationship. It is interacting with us rather than just something that is there—much like the Earth. You know in your core, because you are consciously aware, that we have a relationship with a living conscious Earth. The Earth responds to us, we interact with the Earth. It can seem unresponsive to some, as if it’s just dirt we can move, water we can consume; but you know a greater truth. Earth responds to us (and All Life)—we have a relationship.

Time is also a relationship. It is not just something we experience flowing around us, like the past is done, the present is now and the future hasn’t happened yet. That is currently a truth here. But there are some additional subtle truths about Time that can help us shift our conscious relationship with Time into a higher Truth. I talk about two of them in this month’s video (above).

Integrating Time is about moving beyond just the physical confines of Time and into the malleable, subtle nature of Time. We do this through the rules of the subtle realm—resonance. 

You must become a new resonance.

Integrating Time is about changing your relationship with Time so that you are relating to it differently. The peace that passes all understanding is becoming clearer! Rather than reacting to what is, you remain more genuinely peaceful, knowing all is well. That keeps your energy field (your subtle bridge) more open to change, anchoring your new resonance.

Patience by Jamye Price

As you remain more peaceful, patient and grounded, you’re emanating a new intention with Life. It speaks of your strength, clarity and inherent wisdom. It is different than unconscious fear reaction, it is different than unconscious fear inaction; it is a strength of knowing all is well so that your neutrality allows a connection of opposites that create the new. Much like the atomic structure example Areon has used for years, it is the inherent pull of Life toward improvement.

Peace is Patience In Action

Did you experience at least a hint of more neutrality within yourself in June? It is an indicator of “the meek” inheriting the Earth. Meek isn’t weak, it is those that are strong enough within that they are not flailing around out of fear trying to appear strong. Action, yes. But from inspiration rather than fear reaction.

This is where you begin to see your relationship with Time change. Your neutrality opens you to change with more ease and more speed (which is the catch-22 of patience). This is why the inner work is SO important. It’s what truly changes you so that you are becoming a higher and higher frequency (density) beingness. The “I Am Becoming that which I Am Becoming.”  

Animal Support 

When we were filming the Monthly Energies, we had some animal support I’d like to share. Sorry, I was a bit jet-lagged and forgot to cover it on film. I was shown ants first. Ant energy is about patience overall. They remind me of the saying, “Before enlightenment: chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment: chop wood, carry water.” They are meticulous, singularly focused and group focused simultaneously, and careful with all they do. They represent patience.

Patience is foundational for changing your relationship with Time.

Next a bunny came racing through where we were filming. Rabbit energy represents abundance and dealing with fear. They multiply greatly, but they are food for a lot of animals, so they are constantly aware of their surroundings. With this, I was shown that we have a natural response that alerts us to danger, but we are also supported for survival which we can empower into thriving. This bunny message was also shown to me as not responding with fear when it’s not necessary. Many are fearful right now when it’s not actually serving improvement.

Finally, I was shown doves. It was a specific pattern of two doves where one was always following the other. There was a time that only one was visible and I wondered why the pattern changed. Then the second one came in behind it again. I was reminded of the parable of the footprints on the sand. We are always supported for our growth. At times that support is obvious, at other times it seems like it’s not there because our pain is so dominant. But it’s there. Just giving us the support in a different way through that challenging time.

Strengthen Your Inner Realm for Expansion Areon Channeling by Jamye Price

Life is always supporting you for your thriving. Your work is to find the patience (ant) to keep building within the rules of this dimensional expression, for that is how you move beyond it. Don’t let fear overtake you, you are supported for abundance (bunny). “Behind” you is the loving support that brings peace (dove), first within you, then within your interactions, then within the human experience. It doesn’t happen overnight. Back to patience. That fear response can flush out those that have been hiding, whether out of fear or out of deception. But you are supported, by a loving peace that knows your infinite worth and capability.

The Year of The Empowered Sovereign

As you are Integrating Time, you are discovering your innate divinity—that you always had the keys of the kingdom within you. This is what this inner clarity and strength is about. It is abou8t [sic] recognizing your Empowered Sovereignty—that royal blood runs through the veins of All Life, no matter what some have tried to distort with privileged ability and dominance. Even water, flowing through the veins of Earth, is a sacred gift of Life.

Integrating Time is you, becoming a new relationship with Life. It is you, holding within you the wisdom of experience from the past. It is you, becoming the infinite potentials of the future. It is you, with the courage and power of your present moment, allowing your free will to anchor a new resonance of your sacred flow with Life.

As that deluge of Love emanates from you, the world becomes nourished with Divine Love. It no longer just follows behind, supporting you; it is you. Your actions, inactions and reactions become saturated with empowering Love, as your Divine Will creates the future of humanity. Not through the old lessons of privileged dominance, but through the laws of nature.

As you connect the rules of the subtle and physical realms, you are integrating beyond duality. This changes the human experience from the separation that fear creates into the connection and thriving that Love nourishes. Are you nourishing yourself? Are honoring your needs? Are you focusing your inner realms into authentic empowerment and creation?

This is your Time.

You are Divine. You are Sacred. It’s Time to let that Truth flow into all you do and nourish a new Loving, empowered experience anchoring in this world. Thank you for the brilliant Light you are! Happy July! 

You’re a firework! :o)

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