To understand emotion is to understand time. For emotion and time are hand in hand in their function. As you utilize emotion you are marking points in time. As you utilize time you are marking points in emotion.

When you experience emotion in your physical existence, your energetic body relays information, tracking emotional marker points from the experience that your soul-stream has throughout all time. Your soul stream interweaves with many others, it is not constant. It changes, expands and refines.

You are you, and you are all. Therefore from all experience throughout time you use emotion to relate different experiences to one another. This is why the clearing of fear has become so important at this time. The clearing of fear is imperative to moving forward into empowerment.

Fear Is…

Fear is a perceived limitation, and this is contrary to your core existence and detrimental to your evolution. Fear is a vibration that comes from what is unknown. It is a phenomenon that developed as you lost understanding of the God within, as that was not always the experience on Earth. As you lost command of your creative POWER, fear came in to experience. And what a grand experience it is.

Humanity even courts fear in many varying levels and avenues. You have physical fear, emotional fear, spiritual fear, financial fear, tribal fear, fear of the past, present and future, fear of yourself, fear of others, fear of God, shall I continue? Fear is business as movies and television bring up fear. Fear is marketing as they show you something you need or your life will be lacking or unsafe. Fear is news as they teach to you that you must know and prepare for all the danger for it is rampant upon Earth. Fear is medicine and insurance. Fear is aging and death.

Fear is what keeps you thinking that you do not know absolutely everything. Which you do.

You have access to every experience, thought, probability, solution – past, present or future – that exists. You are universal in nature, creative in thought, word and deed, and God in physical form. Fear is a human experience played in a human forum.


It is humanity’s gift now that empowerment become one and the same with the freedom that they are to experience. This space called ascension is nothing more than rapid evolution. Human evolution would be much faster, if not for fear. The releasement of fear within the personal experience is imperative, for fear is nothing but an unknown that has not yet been understood.

For all that you experience in your life, you deal with that with which you understand, and that with which you do not have understanding. Some of these are perceived as dangerous, limiting, insurmountable, or out of the bounds of your power; and this is not so EVER. There are instances where what appears on the surface may be of such great cause that one person could not possibly affect change. However, there is an interconnectedness within you all that you do not acknowledge as real, therefore you see yourselves as separate. And this is not so.

Fear is directly related to belief systems, for fear is an incongruent state of belief that latches on to the emotional energy output of humans and animals and plants and rocks — anything in existence. You are aware of the fears of animals and humans, though you are not aware of fears of plants, rocks, etc., they may be there nonetheless. Like a free floating ion, it is ready to attach and become one with the emotion. Once fear attaches, the structure is modified. The effect of that emotion, idea, experience is now carrying the vibration of fear and limitation must now be interacted with, as one makes choice as to how to deal with the perceived limitation. Some will face fears head-on, some will cower, some will turn and run. Some fears will make you laugh, some cry, some angry, some will go unrecognized as they attach to energies of which you are unaware.

That which you desire, so does all of the universe desire; yet this brings fear to your mind. For you think there are people out there with desires to destroy, desires to control, desires to harm and hurt. This is so, I acknowledge that there is such upon this earth. For all realms of experience are granted and interacting. The desires that YOU want to bring forth are what the universe brings to you. For all of the universe hears the call and that with which you call, you interact. All those that have differing desires that you do not choose to interact with do not have power over you. They are powerless in your creation. For that which you call, the universe will bring forth for you to interact with and expand.

That which you are aware of, that you do not want to interact with, does come into your vibration. This is where emotion begins to show you what is in your experience, what is in your Akash, what it is that you are calling forth, if not by word then by deed. If the emotion that you feel has negative feelings for you or invokes any sort of interpretation of something so not desired, then it is that within your akash. So lies the vibration that can be activated. Look to the emotion to indicate what is in your energy field, for if there is resistance then there is potential to activate. There is no amount of qualification that can undo this resonance. If it brings emotion that is negative or unwanted, then you know that within your vibration of akash past, present, or future; there is a potential to be activated.

This is where releasing fear is beneficial to your experience. For the activation can not occur if you release the fear. It has been said that you will carry fear from lifetime to lifetime, waiting for it to end, waiting for solution, waiting for revenge, waiting for retribution, waiting for closure. There it is held within your experience, for you are timeless experiencing time. And if the activation is a potential, then you will know by the indications of the emotion.

Releasing Fear

So how does one release fear? Come to terms with your power and your limitlessness, for it is the experience that you are here to find. Within this vehicle that seems limited by time, by space, by experience, this vehicle has potential to be absolutely limitless. This is the space that you must find when the fear comes to threaten that limitlessness. You must activate the vibration that also resides within that is safety. Safety is accessed through the knowingness, the understanding and the awareness that all that you are, all that you ever were and all that you ever will be is absolutely perfect. There is no other beingness.

Not just easy words, these are fact.

From your perception you see less than, from your perception you see imperfections and I say to you with all surety that imperfections are an illusion. With all different shapes, sizes, colors, choices, timbres, heights, freedoms, powers, talents, within all variants, there is perfection. Nothing but perfection. From this place of variance, it is your work, your job, your path, your guidance to find your perfection. For within you, it is seated. Perfection is humanity. Perfection waits for you to awake to the knowingness that it IS and All That Is – is YOU. The beauty of the variance that sings the song of humanity that Spirit so loves. Find that voice within you that says I AM PERFECT. I am perfect. I am perfect. This is the knowingness that all that you experience, all that you see, hear, feel, taste, touch, imagine, do – is perfect.

So what to do with fear? It’s not all bad, you know. Fear can be quite exhilarating, yes? Fear is a nuance of excitement, depending on your perception and acceptance. That which you fear is but an unknown that has not yet been integrated into your beingness. Fear is an unknown in its positive sense, fear is a limitation (lack of power) in its negative sense. So if you make a choice to become aware of fear in its positive sense and enhance that quality within life, then you have a better understanding and perception of fear. Begin to notice the benefit that unknown offers to you.

There are many unknowns that bring you great excitement. For it is the unknown that is the reason for the beingness. This unknown is the expansion, the growth, the life. All of life is your birthright. For life is what you are. Fear is an illusion. Speak clearly to your akash and illuminate the fear as the illusion that it is.

So it is that my love for humanity is available at your intention to assist with the illumination of fear. That power that is within you is accessible. I will help with opening the door, you are the one that walks through, for it is you that is the point of power that is Life. In the greatest of Loves we breathe as one, for it is.

Originally channeled in August 2007

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