Using your healthy discernment is a skill of learning your internal clues and guidelines that help you navigate your Creative Harmonic. This Connects you with your inner mastery.

Reading Time

Time mastery is an important part of our Ascension – our natural evolution into conscious connection with the subtle realm. This healing card reading helps to navigate the balance of subtle and physical Time.

To master Time, there is a clear understanding and interaction with the linear past, present and future we experience in this density.

That is augmented with a clarity of the non-linear rules that build this world through Time.

Your Discernment is the neutral reading of Life’s constant communication with you. It may be internal impulses or clues from the external, but Life is constantly communicating with you.

Your Subtle Bridge discerns and decides, receiving and emitting vibrational exchange that is understood universally.

Surrender is not Weak

Surrender any outdated misunderstanding of your Divine creativity.

You don’t have divine control, you have Divine capability.

Surrender has a textbook meaning of giving up. Does that apply to you? Sometimes it is the wisdom choice. But it also means so much more. Don’t let old understanding define subtle astuteness.

Surrender is allowing.

Surrender also has a deeper meaning that has nothing to do with “losing a battle” as it has been identified in the past. It also means letting go of unhealthy control.

It means acquiescing your human will to your Divine Will. Relax into your higher self and you open to your non-linear flow.

The power of Surrender is letting go of what no longer serves you. Discerning what, when and how Surrender is appropriate is healthy.

Let go of what keeps you contracted, open to new Connection.

Time’s Release

Here we revisit where we began with this card reading. Time is circulating a renewal and release that allows the new to weave into the old.

The old is present in every moment, subtle whispers of past experience and passed knowledge. Take what applies.

The new is merely a potential, wavering in the weave of what will be. What does your will give way to? The future is subtle in you, a mere wisp of a feeling; fleeting and bleating resistance to be defined through you.

You are Time’s cloth, cloaking Divine timing. What lay beneath only Time can bequeath.

Are you open to receive? Are you willing to perceive?

Time is calling you forward now.

be Present.

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