Life is a magnificent journey of the inner and the outer meeting in your awareness. You are Life. You are creating Life on Earth as you perceive, choose and take action or inaction. You are the blessing of Life in human form, blessing Life with your unique forming of it. How much does Life love you? It puts itself in your hands, your heart, your head. What Life are you forming?
There is so much Love for you that Life perceives whatever you form as perfect. It is easy in the moments of grace. Yet in a moment of pain, Life opens to you just as easily, allowing that pain to flow through the creation of itself – Loving you incessantly without condition. There is no resistance to your pain, for it is Known to be a catalyst for new form.
Life is Love. Love is a passive force. Its power is in the invisible realm, the unconditional realm. Though it has no form, it is the momentum that creates form. There is such Love for you, that your potential is known to Life. Will you discover it, too?

Love will compel you, Love will support you, Love will strengthen you with ease and with challenge. That is Being Alive. Open to Life, open to experience the full array of possibility that is presented to you, for your ability to Form Anew is known in the reflection of Life. Breathe it in deeply. Allow your cells to inform it. Exhale your information into this world, Knowing your breath is a passive force that is compelling new form.

You are a treasure of Life. Your choices, your fears, your discoveries are cherished by form you can not always see with your eyes. Open your heart to the beauty of life, the strength and vulnerability within you, the presence of potential in a moment. You are a magnificent Being. Life is supporting you in ways that may sometimes be discovered through a new perception of Love, but always available to you. As you thrive, Life thrives. You are well prepared. Choose.
As we sit to Blast Being Alive, we are opening our hearts to the unseen Love that supports us. We are rejuvenating with the cycles of Time on Earth and using our focus wisely to enhance our ability to Love through All Time. We are perceiving the potentials of new form as we envelope Life with our creative Love, creating a new experience of what has been, for it provided the focus of what will be. We are Being Love, unconditional in our inner strength to create conditions ripe for Love’s growth. Blast on!

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