Balance is an important energy as we navigate change. What I loved in the Areon channeling is their softening of the opposite of Balance—imbalance.

Balance is a constant state of movement. Since we are in the realm of physical, linear time, we are in constant change. Therefore, Balance and imbalance are constant as well.

Imbalance is just an indicator of change.

In the channeling, Areon was soothing our energy around imbalance so that we are seeing it more as a natural part of Balance.

Imbalance as merely the movement of connection with new Balance.

They’ve used the example of taking a step. To do this we must imbalance onto one foot as the other moves forward trying to maintain Balance until it can plant on the ground in a new Balance.

As a child, there is a strengthening that occurs with practice. We build into the capability to walk, then run.

It becomes so easy for us, we don’t even consider it imbalance, we just call it walking.

Dancing Life

Movement can be a dance with Life. It may depend on what “music” you are hearing within.

When you feel that the entire movement of life is a fluid dance, you are able to connect the Balance and imbalance with a creative flow.

Shift the weight of Balanced perception into new opportunity, for each moment is offering a hand.

Imbalance creates deeper awareness and choice.

How is life helping you move to a new level of Awareness? Can you see new potentials in the moment that you haven’t perceived?

What are you holding onto that is keeping you chained to the past?

Is there a new choice available to you, first within, that will lighten your heart to move more freely through your precious life?

Your Balance is your willingness to constantly adjust to the moment. This is an Ascension lesson that we brought even deeper with our Beingness.

As you listen to the Balance mediation, let the Light Language soothe your resistance to movement/imbalance/change so that you are open to the dance with Life.

Life will support you.

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