Blessed Creative Being, your unique choices offer a path of creation for Life to flow. Controlling that flow is open to you, within reason. This controls the physical for a time, for as long as the physical readjustment sustains.

Yet even the physical can not be bound beyond its time.

Your Conscious Choice is always subject to the resonance of Life, for you are experiencing a density of time and space. They are separated in the mind and connected as well. For example, one recognizes that walking through the space of the room “takes” time.

That is time and space separate and connected in the mind. However, one sees that they have Consciously Chosen to move through space, but moving through Time is perceived as choiceless. Therefore, these two become more separate in the perception.

As a leader in the evolution of consciousness, you perceive these as more connected than separate.

This entails relaxing your resistance to time and honoring your inner space. This brings you to the timeless space within. This is your Subtle Bridge that connects your consciousness more to the connection of the subtle.

Blended Self

When you allow your consciousness to bridge into the subtle more often, you are accessing choice with your subtle aspect more dominant.

From this unified state, you are at various degrees of connection with the vast engine that builds worlds.

The vast inspiration that flows, caresses like a stream. It excites like a waterfall. It replenishes like a lake. It supports like an ocean.

The higher self is the self.

Be that vast self.

Directing Choice

From that state of Beingness the choices that you direct come from your divine flow of powerful Love – that creative compeller.

That which you create is saturated with your divine creative energy.

From this state, you are open to the flow of creation that often stretches beyond what the human self has imagined, into the (k)new that your broader, “unconscious” self knows.

You direct and choose because it is natural to you.

You direct and choose because it is valuable to life.

You direct and choose because it is a necessary flow of creation.

Allowing Life

From your blended state of Being you are relaxed into the resonance of Love. You know that Life is working for you, for you are Life.

You know that you were born deserving and all that manifests is an opportunity for deeper connection with the Self, your creative force.

Allowing requires an element of release, letting go of control, risking disappointment, patience and more. For those bound to the physical, these seem weak or irresponsible.

For the blended, these are propellers.

Allowing is the energy of the vast subtle engine. We call it passive not because it is weak, indeed it supports and sustains form. We call it passive because from your perspective it feels like lack of action or lack of direction. It feels like getting swept into a current that you can not swim against.

That is the compelling.

It is a strong force that allows. It is a strong human that trusts the self and Life. It is a strong Conscious Choice to direct and allow.

For it is the allowing where Life compels you—into a natural flow of creation. It is the path of least resistance, which is the path of gravitational assistance.

Choose Consciously

When the self is relaxed, the direction of Choice springs from inspiration. When the strength of resonance is understood, the Conscious Choice then turns within, to the timeless space of self.

As you choose to hold the resonance of the Love of creation, your resonance aligns with the passive magnetic tides that build worlds.

They ebb and flow. They strengthen and soften.

Yet within that resonance you are riding the waves of life to new shores of creation.

Direct your Conscious Choice, then allow your conscious connection with the loving subtle self and Life.

It will direct you to miracles that were always there.

Time and space just became one with you.

Choose Love.

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