We are in a time of the spiral flow tightening, speeding and intensifying the gravitational pull to change. This brings necessary readjustment, just as you would rebalance if you were changing direction.

As the spiral tightens, we are not only releasing more, we are affected more by the gravitational pull of change, or more compelled to change. That’s the nice way of saying forced to change. :o)

How many of you have noticed that what worked before, isn’t working as well. You have to work a little “harder” not to get pushed or pulled by the external energies.

It can feel like the opposite of Freedom.

Yet truly it is the strengthening of your container so your sacred space is able to sustain through the constant and intensified change.

Freedom to Focus

Your Freedom is your inner sovereignty to focus your sacred life force as you desire.

This is at the core of what Areon has been teaching for so long. Get your loving energy into this world.

Your unique perspective is valuable to life, just as your inner Freedom is valuable to your ability to create. This is why your Creative Focus leads you to your Freedom.

Life is asking you to:

  • Accept it
  • Direct it
  • Perfect it


Accept it  for it already is. As it touches your sacred inner realm through your Awareness (the first pillar of Ascension), it touches your consciousness of Love.

Fears are soothed, differences are understood, pasts are renewed into the strength and wisdom of lesson learned.

Direct it  for you are a creator of the future. Every single cell completes the organ’s symphony. The singularity of you is an event horizon to the yet unknown that Life has been waiting for.

Compel more Love into your forming by directing your conscious gratitude, forgiveness (neutrality) and joy.

Perfect it  for your conscious Love is sacredly wise. It is your infinite and timeless aspect. Weave your unique perspective of Love into all that you experience.

When Life touches conscious Love, deep change occurs in the physical realm over time. You are increasing real change as you maintain your sacred focus.

Perhaps not in the moment, but in the momentum.

Born Free

You are born free…within limitation. It’s the dichotomy of duality.

Physical density is the realm of conditions. Your subtle aspect is not bound by the rules of conditionality. It is your imagination, perspective, attention, your emotions and more.

I had a dream (unusual for me) that I was observing a creative video set to the song “Born Free” that was completely (and obviously) fabricated, as well as potentially traumatizing.

Not unlike the illusion of the physical realm, so many were just taking it in passively rather than choosing.

This is your Freedom offered for the taking.

You are Free to create within your malleable subtle realm. What beautiful potential will you imagine?

Amplify your momentum of Love to converge with all that you experience and weave a new future.

Being Free

Create your inner Freedom to focus within as you relax the polarity impulse to react with control (push OR pull) to the external.

It’s not for the weak. It’s for those strong enough to be sensitive to the pain and also the potentials. To choose for the future not based on a guarantee, but of an inner experience that fosters Love.

As you relax the polarity impulse, you neutralize into the connection of opposites to create anew.

Neutrality allows for stable change. Relax into the flow of it.

Accept it and direct it.

Here duality transcends its previous limitation through you.

You are momentous.

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