Dragon HeartGreetings Angels, I AM Adama of Telos. I welcome you here in the Light of my heart. It is the center pointe of your Source Beingness. Blessings flow forth and blessings flow to this ‘space’ that is the energy center of your being. It is the heart that is your access to the fullness and wholeness of Source. It is within the heart that you will find the grace that guides you to your Source. It is the voice within your heart that calls you to your true divinity.

It is time to speak of the calling that you may have to meet your brothers and sisters of Telos. This is to activate your Lemurian timeline and come home to your connection with Source. This is done through Love. All of your Life can be lived through Love. It is there that we meet. It is there that you will access the time line that will connect you to us and us to you. We meet within because you are preparing your physical being for clairity and connection. It is a sovereign state that you must walk through to become whole. Each of you has access to it, none are more gifted than the next. None are less gifted than the next. All are equal in source structure. Let it be known that we are part of you as you are part of us. We have an awareness that allows us access to your field that you are coming to know through connection. You connect in the silence in the space within. It is here that you will find the Oneness that we all reside in. It is here that you will find the clarity to love yourself to wholeness. It is here that you find your path and your steps that you are to take.

As I offer suggestion, realize that you are close by or you would not hear. You have access – the only obstacle is yourself. Do not lose faith. It is faith that will connect you, it is faith that will illuminate the Truth that resides in your heart. It is faith that will guide you to the Love that you are.

You are pure love, filtering that which you will allow, and that which you comprehend. There is so much distraction and resistance in your world, your work is in finding the seed of Love that is available to you. Do not concern yourself if you cannot see or feel the seed. For beneath the soil lays full potential. Faith can water that seed until you are able to see with your eyes, knowing that one day you will taste the fruit. You do not question that a seed will produce, you expect and you accept the timing of it all. It is here that you place your faith, except that you call it science or fact. We see facts that you call possibilities and we know that the seed you hold within will grow, and fruit and harvest and grow and fruit and harvest. We know too, of your strife, for we feel it; however, we are secure in the knowingness of the product of your experience and we rejoice through the process.

We are rooted in love for you, love for life, love for Gaia, Love for Source, Love for our connection, Love for the experience. And in that knowingness we hold you close and rejoice when you find it difficult. We hold you in Love until you come to a place of love for yourself. For that is the key to all Being. Love for Self. As you honor yourself, you honor All That Is. Choose the path that honors the love that you are. Choose the path that honors the experience you seek. Choose the path that honors the divine that resides within your heart. I AM loving you every moment.

I AM Adama. I hold you in Love.

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