Sampling Everything

November is building into a crescendo of creative focus, the sustenance of an empowered, prepared human being.  The chaos in the world around you has been testing your focus, testing your choice of Love or Fear.  When an initiate encounters fear, it is a matter of will.  Will denotes choice, will you or won’t you?  Are you ‘strong’ or ‘weak’ in the face of fear? Strong and weak have many definitions.  Blessed Being, you are Preparedfor fear when you Know your internal capability.  It is the illusion of the world around you, the chaos seeking its harmony, the external creation of what is within.  Your power is your ability to Love in all moments.
The bold Lightworker knows that the head in the sand doesn’t work.  The Self is not empowered and the outer world is not changed.  The wise Lightworker knows their limitations, as saturation requires much energy to reverse.  You have experienced that too much of anything results in challenge.  Balance and change are possible, it is known as the middle road.  There is no polarization that results in fortification, the middle road is about interaction and acceptance of All within the wise choice of what benefits the Self.  Love always benefits the Self, for it is the connective creative force that binds the universe into form.  Yet even only Love is not for this dimensional experience, it is head in the sand.  The bold Lightworker increases strength by opening to all experience with the wisdom of knowing when it is too much.  Too much of the current media often results in a saturation of hopelessness.  Sample Everything, know your limits and move beyond them at your healthy, strong pace. It is why you came here, Starseed. 

As we sit to Blast Sampling Everything, we are boldly going where we are called to go so that our focus of Love can bring the harmony of new creation.  We are wise with our needs, our limits and growing past fears; the middle road expanding out.  We are the in-breath of courage, the sustainer of worthiness (life) and the exhale of wisdom feeding the system.  We enjoy all flavors of Life, for the diversity is Love’s catalyst for expansion and inclusion.  We are the harmony of life, synchronizing Time’s grace of All experience as beneficial now.  A moment healed, a life nurtured, a world changed.  Blast on!

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