Being Prepared

Being Prepared.  We build upon last week’s LightBlast focus of Knowing All is Well.  The one who does not know their internal power and does not focus on their sovereign grace does not feel prepared.  They look for external solutions to external problems and look no further.  The Master that knows All is Well, knows that he/she is a Being, Prepared.  Prepared for any blessing, prepared for any challenge, prepared for any change, prepared for any patience.  The external solutions are merely part of living on Earth and are valuable, as is the internal preparation for Life. 
Have you noticed the pendulum swing from those that had to separate from society for spiritual growth, to those that interact or even deconstruct society for spiritual growth?  Each are valuable in their own way, just a product of the natural improvement of Life.  Last week the obvious was stated: that the system of Life on Earth has been disrupted for separation and domination.  Thus the Masters utilized that very same system and found in it’s own program Mastery in Separation.  Brilliant.  Working the disruption in mirror reflection to itself.  The separation actually served Unity, for the Master found that there was no true separation, only a disruption of focus.  The Master found Unity within the Self; a Being, Prepared. 
You are that.  You are a Master in form refining focus, integrating more Unity into your Self that interacts with life, finding the solutions to separation within your brilliant heart and mind.  From that internal place of empowerment, solution is born.  The external is then fed with the exhale of your Knowing, Master.  Fear has no place in Knowing.  Excitement of the unknown is merely creations welcome echo.  When you are Wholly in your heart, that echo is an expected reflection.

As we sit to Blast Being Prepared, we are observing our own preparedness and refining our focus for internal strength within interaction.  We are recognizing the call of the heart within humanity’s desire for Love and Acceptance.  We are looking beyond the moment of what is and beckoning the grace of what is being prepared as life naturally improves.  We are the bastions of strength, offering the powerful vibration of Love into the space around us, boldly changing the disruption into harmony.  Blast on!

Knowing All is Well
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