Change is a symptom of choice.  It is a consequence of empowerment.  Change is the effect of your cause.  You are changed by Life, for Time does not stop.  Life is changed by you, for you are part of Life.  The interwoven thread of consciousness is an engine of creativity that supports itself. 
Choice then, is your communication with the vastness of Life that is received and responded to.  You do not see this engine, for its enormity is beyond the spectrum of your perception; however the effect of the entirety of Life is visible to you through cause.  However, you must choose to see the whole story.  The courage to look within the shadows of the self illuminates your wisdom in a flurry of neural understanding.  You become the stability of the neutron that allows creation to form with greater ease.  Life itself is so neutral that it is unconditional in the purest sense.  There is no judgment of right or wrong, merely Life continuing.  For within that neutrality is such a complete knowing of Love, the binding force of Life; that Life freely gives to stability and instability alike.  It all leads to the expansion of Love.  Eventually.  Time does not stop, it is its nature.
You are part of the engine of Life, though a form of it that has conditions.  The condition of Time is that it does not stop flowing in this dimensional expression.  The condition of your physical body is that it requires physical chemicals – especially those as invisible to you as oxygen, for your vitality.  The condition of the emotional body is that it requires flow for your healthy interaction.  The condition of the mental body is that it requires internal strength and focus for your creativity.  The condition of the human experience is that it requires a balance of duality; self and all others, inner and outer, right and wrong.  This balance, the neutrality to honor it all, leads to your expansion, your growth, your elevation into a new level of connection and interaction.
As you become more unconditional with your change, you will find Life to be easier, you will find ‘being’ easier.  This is not to say that all that you will experience will be easy, it is a reflection of your empowerment to progress with the flow of Life, the continual motion of evolution.  As you Open to Change, you are stabilizing your own experience of Life.  Be well with what is, for it is Life’s Loving response to your quest for the beauty of Truth.  Look within the self and find the Truth of your beauty, Life will respond with the reflection of the beauty of all others.  Enjoy the process of Life, for it is an engine of response and continuance that will show you the effect of Love if you cause it.  Love the self, and it will reflect into Life around you.  Others will learn by observance, it is the beauty of a Free Mind, the ability to discern for self and choose.  Give that gift to yourself and Life.  It is the true Change. 

As we sit to Blast Opening to Change, we are bold enough to choose for the Self as we observe the win/win solution that Life’s potential is nurturing until we are ready.  We are becoming empowered enough to choose to cause change in this world, even in the midst of challenge.  We are unconditionally loving the challenges, for they are the experience of progress forming.  We are peaceful with the flow of Time, allowing its revealing to offer new solution previously unknown.  We are the bearers of Light, the creative hope that carries humanity when chaos consumes their courage.  We are the Truth of Power; Love never lost, only waiting the treasure seeker to find it within.  Blast on!

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