Your words have an energy to them that is specific to you and your moment.  For one, love is a word of delight, for another it is a word of pain.  Most will have a mix of feelings within.  Words will have a different vibrational signature each time they are spoken.  Not only is your intent different, but your vibration is changing constantly and being changed by the experiences you are encountering.  Much of this information resides in the unconscious mind, for you have been forming opinions and beliefs since you were born.  As you pursue your spiritual evolution, you are opening your connection to the unconditional Love of Source.  Part of this connection is the observance of what you are conveying into your world with your intent, your actions and your words.  Words are simply vibrational information, and their meaning is only specific to you.  What is said or heard is merely part of the story.  What in-form-ation does the word Never have to you?

Never has become a word that often blocks connection.  The word itself has no defined meaning as such, it can be used to convey connection, as in, “I will never stop loving, etc.” Take a moment to look at your ‘Nevers.’  Are they helping you connect, or are they stopping your Love flow?  What do you think you would or should Never do?  For instance does, “I would Never shoot up heroin,” stop your Love flow for those that do, or is it merely a choice for Self?  Are you able to disagree with the words and actions of another and still maintain your Love flow?

What do you project that others should Never do?  What are you observing that others are projecting that you should never do?  Are their projections stopping your heart flow, or are you seeking connection within it?  It can become a never-ending cycle of Nevers.  Who decides the correct Nevers?  You know it is not your governments, or you would Never drive a mile over the speed limit!  Do you decide Nevers for others?  If so, surely you allow others to decide your Nevers, too.

Never is a paradox.  It is within paradox that the mind melts and meets the heart.  It is within the heart that your Truth resides.  Never is a truth that stretches your ability to understand your timeless nature, your Loving, connective nature.  As you interact with the opposite of your eternal nature, you see the reflection of God in the mirror.  What happens when Never and Unconditional Love meet?  Can you perceive through Love and still choose for the Self?  Can you observe others and still choose for the Self?

As we sit to Blast Never, we are connecting with our unconditionally Loving Source nature and merging it with being human.  We are choosing how we perceive opposites and integrating them through an empowered heart.  We are teaching empowered boundaries to the world as we choose what we will allow in our lives from the balance of Love.  We are becoming ever brighter beacons of evolution through forgiveness, compassion and the inherent strength within one who Loves.  We are following our heart into the Neverland of eternal youth that sees the world with wonder, innocence and the maturity of discovery through experience.  We are allowing Never to show us the reflection of our empowered boundaries becoming a guidepost for Love.  In Love, Never becomes eternal.  Blast on!

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