It seems like an oxymoron, yet peace can be fast paced!  Those that trance dance know the peace of rapid movement, always changing, unplanned, following the collective beat, yet unique through each being.  Those that do math rapidly know the peace of quick brain flow; applying rules and accuracy to an exciting understanding of numerical interaction.  The peaceful state is one of great variety and though it may appear frenetic and chaotic to one that does not understand the flow, for the one that understands, there is vast expansion available.

Joy is a peaceful state and has many different degrees.  There is no need for joy to be expressed loudly or quietly, for it is appropriate and potent either way.  As you are filled with joy sitting on a park bench, you radiate that vibration forth and the field of response (which is Life) responds.  You are open to experience and participating, even as you sit quietly.  In that moment of quiet, peaceful joy, the clarity of your desires align and the synchronicities occur, with or without your awareness.  For instance, one that is of like vibration walks by and smiles, you emulate and Love is strengthened.  Next, one that is of opposite vibration walks by and frowns, you defy with a smile.  At this point of choice, you are either internally strengthened in your Love or you are diminished, that choice is yours.  Here you seek perspective to fortify.  Why did that frown walk by you when you were so joyful?  How could you have attracted that?  The field of Life responds, and you are always offered opportunity to create with the collective.  The frowner may have received it or not based on their choice, but their outward actions are no indication of the true interaction.  It may have fed them, giving them hope, it may have enlivened their anger which can lead to their creation of empowered boundaries with another, they may have answered your unknown call to find Love in situations that Love is not evident, or all of this and more.  Your ability to find the empowerment within the challenge allows you to remain peaceful – at a faster pace.  Quick dips out of joy, only to find greater capacity to maintain it when the circumstances oppose it.  What benefit in opposites!

You can sit joyfully quiet or bound joyfully about, yet the swirl of life is around you.  The moment of quiet or stillness is bursting with quantum information and movement.  Remain peacefully open to Life, allowing and directing as the synchronicities confirm and guide.  Participate with life and enjoy the response that answers your call to Love.  Direct your energy outward and allow the response to reach within you.  One who is peaceful knows they are safe.  That there is no frown that can break their Love, even if they must work to regain it.  That is true peace.  It is not a weak stance.  A peaceful one is so courageous that they need not control the world around them, for the Love within is much stronger than an action without.

As we sit to Blast Fast Paced Peace, we are excited with Love and allowing Life to dance us to new heights.  We are the stillness that transmits Life force in a nanosecond of gaze, sustaining Life.  We are finding Love’s solution to any problem of Life.  We are letting go of controlling the outside world and allowing the internal world to speak of Love’s power.  We are flowing such courage to Love that Life responds with more rapid synchronicity.  We are open, safe, emulating and defying, ever changing and expanding.  Blast on!

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