Shiva Channeled through Jamye PriceThe subject of release is one with many layers that could be spoken of in many conversations and still not come to a close. You are in a constant state of release, like the breath in and the breath out. It is the release that brings forth the new. It is the movement forward caused by the release. Desire and release seem to be opposite, but in reality they work in concert with one another. It is the desire that pulls you forward; it is the release that propels you forward. One without the other and your momentum ceases.

Release is part of your function daily. It is one with which you have issue. You have issue with release on many levels. There are things that you are glad to let go of, and yet even the energy of release around those things, those situations, those experiences – is tainted, shall we say. It is tainted by the energy of not appreciating the letting go, of not allowing the letting go with ease, of not embracing the release. ‘Glad to see something go’ can easily translate to resisting until it is released, then the relief is the focus, and this relief, instead of being appreciation, still has the energy of resistance upon it. When you see the experience of release in equality with the experience of having, bringing in; as it becomes equal with that experience, you will find the propelling of your experience much more joyful, much easier. For as stated, it is the release that propels you forward. The momentum of release is a necessary component of movement. As you release, the movement forward has an ease to it that is not available without the release. It is like hauling large pounds behind you. Once released, boom! the movement forward. Without release there is a drag.

It is easy to want to release those things that you do not enjoy. But to actually do it is the challenge, for often those things that you do not enjoy you focus upon and you feel as if they are more powerful than you. You feel as if you cannot release it because you do not have that choice. Always, the choice is available, always. If you but release your resistance to it, you will find your momentum increased. If you but release you resistance to it, you will find with that increased momentum new solution as you move forward. The holding on comes in many forms. Often times it is felt that you must hold on until you have figured out every aspect of the cause, of the feeling and of the effect. Get what you need and release. If you need the cause, it will come. If you need to understand the feeling it will come. As will the understanding of the effect if that is needed. The movement forward will still bring you all that you need. Sometimes the release is resisted because you feel you do not know how. The situation is in your life and you feel like you do not know how to release it.

As with so much of your power, the release resides in your intention. The purity of your intention is key to releasing all that you need to let go. There are times when you say the words ‘I want to release this,’ and yet you do not truly mean them with the wholeness of your intention. There is something that you hold on to, because you feel it will benefit you. These are oftentimes not understood fully in the conscious mind, they reside within the subconscious needs. But as you continue to intend and intend your release, you will chip away at these silent needs that keep you from movement forward. Many times these needs come in the form of negative attention. It is easy to commiserate, it is easy to complain, it is not always as easy to allow your emotions to not be fed in a negative manner. Commiserating with another and complaining with another can feed your subconscious needs for attention. This will keep you holding on to things, feelings, memories and experiences that would be better served released. It is not the natural reaction of most to turn the other cheek, it is often the harder choice to make. It is not always necessary, but it is beneficial more than most will experience.

For survival, survival, you have a reaction that will protect your body. This survival instinct has been used to protect your emotional body. This is an unnecessary reaction, for your emotional body needs no survival mechanism. It needs but an understanding mechanism – that all of the emotions that come forth from you and at you need but understanding. That understanding brings forth the knowing of your power, knowing of your wholeness, the knowing of your divinity. When all that you experience from you and all that you experience coming to you is known from the perception of your divinity, you see that the transient experience of emotion is not one of survival, it is one of experience. Experience is but a flash in time. Do not hold on to it. It is not to be held. It is to be released so that you may inhale the next moment.

Q: What if you set your intention to release something and yet it is obviously not done. Do you just keep setting your intention?

Yes. And when you find that it is obvious that it is not done, appreciate that and embrace that. And welcome the new understanding that will come forth from your continued perseverance of moving through, yes? That you can enjoy journeying deeper into the depths and that you can continue to move yourself forward towards your empowerment with a journey fit for a warrior. We do understand that the emotions can be just as painful as a physical pain. Understand that this painful emotion will pass as quickly as you will allow it. And if it takes some time, allow that to be. Continue pressing forward, as you renew your intention you will chip away at the residual that remained and understand that it is perfect however it presents itself, yes? [It doesn’t feel like it at the moment.] And understand that and allow that, that is what will continue the progression. As you resent the pain or fear the pain, you will cease that natural movement through that needs to happen. As you observe these experiences that you feel, you see but a part of it for it is connected to experiences you have had in other lives. It is connected to experiences that other people are having, but you see your portion of it. Know that there is a vastness to it that you do not always see and honor the way that it flows through you.

Q: You made a statement ‘experience is to be released so that you can inhale the next moment,’ when you’re talking about releasing experience, are you also referring to what we would categorize as positive experiences, not just negative ones?

Yes. For as you experience the positive, as you try to hold onto that and keep it as it is so that you may not experience any more negative, so that you may experience only more positive, you cease your movement. Allow even those experiences that are positive, that feel good, to be but a moment in time. For your focus upon keeping them will move your focus from moving forward. Polarizing to one way or the other is what will stop you. Allowing the positive and the negative to move through will bring you the fullness of all experience and the understanding that whatever is happening around you or within you is all easily accessible, easily released, and easily enjoyed. It is like holding onto a flower, you can enjoy and inhale that flower, but if you take that moment to mourn its transient nature, you can not enjoy the beauty to its fullness. That moment of its beauty will come and it will pass. The desire to hold onto that can be just as destructive as the mourning and not enjoying its beauty. Often times humans will find that they are so focused on seeking the positive that they do not actually experience it. They will find that they sometimes build things up so in their mind that the experience of it seems a let down. When you find that peace of the now moment, whether it feels good, or whether it does not feel good, the peace in the now moment will help you move through and propel forward and expand in the way that you are meant to do – breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out. Just as you cannot hold your breath and survive, you must release in order to bring in new. One is not better than the other, both are required. Just as good and bad experiences are required, one is not better than the other, they are different. As you experience the understanding, you will find a balance between those polar opposites. That is where your peace resides, for you know in that space that you are stronger with both than with one or the other, for neither of them controls you. You embrace as you move, be that good, pleasant or not.

Q: Say you have anxiety in your body that shows up, you set your intention, you do your meditation, how can you release anxiety?

Anxiety is a confusion of energy, a very powerful emotion. When you have anxiety, you have reached an overload point. It blocks you in that moment, because the feeling is so powerful, from knowing your safety. This middle ground is safety. In that space, you know you are safe, powerful, free. These are all synonymous. Anxiety is a strong feeling that does not feel synonymous with safety, with freedom. In that moment, with all of that feeling of discomfort, use your brain to remind yourself ‘I am feeling anxiety, I know what this is about,’ not the cause not the meaning, I know what anxiety in and of itself is about, ‘and I know that I am safe, and I know that this is a moment that I am moving through, and though I feel discomfort, I do not fear this moment. I embrace the anxiety that is showing me that I have come to a point of overload that is now ready to be released.’ So you are utilizing your mind to understand that the anxiety is just moving through. [What if it gets stuck in my jaw? Like as I am sitting here, my jaw tightens up.] It does not matter where it is in the body. It is transient. After you have used your mind to remind yourself this is moving through, then use your heart. Use your heart to know the perception that this anxiety that is moving through is but a loving signal and you welcome the opportunity to move through. As you engage your heart, you then begin to flow through the emotion. So it is using the heart and the mind to bring you the understanding and the flow.

Q: You mentioned that we may be affected by experiences of past lives or from others. How can we best release energies or experiences that we’re not consciously aware of?

When you are moving through the emotions with ease, you are releasing the past life experiences/the parallel life experiences, the collective experiences. So as you move through, that is a natural flow that happens along with it. You need not be aware of them unless they come into your awareness; it is often the seeking of the understanding to the degree of stalling the movement that blocks the release. As you accept the experiences and move through you are releasing more energy than you are aware. If it needs to be in your awareness it will be. If it does not need to be in your awareness, you will move through. You will serve so much more than what you see on the surface when you move through.

We want to bring to your awareness that you are not served by fearing your emotions, by fearing what you feel. You are served by the understanding that you are limitless, that you are vast and that you are capable of all that is presented to you and more. Move through your life with joy. Even if in that moment your joy is coming through tears of sorrow, move through. Understand that what you are experiencing has great meaning, but it is only a moment in time. Be fearless angels, for it is who you are.

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