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Transformation through
The Four Pillars of Ascension

The Journey

is based on Areon’s (the Lyran Council of Time) blueprint of the year’s focus of expansion through the monthly energies. Each month offers an evolution of channelings, teachings, healing transmissions, and exercises to support your Soul Progression through Ascension.

Your Subscription includes:
  • 2 Video lessons (an Areon channeling and Monthly Energies teaching & healing)
  • Downloadable PDF exercises and audio resources
  • Member Forum and Comments
  • Jamye may post additional content sometimes like insights, card readings or Q & A

This program goes in-depth to help you create inner change, which is THE most important aspect of Ascension.

When you Journey with others, you’ve got support along the way.

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journey through the four pillars of ascension


is where the inner catalyst begins. It is your vast unconscious focusing into consciousness. An Areon channeling begins the Awareness stage each month.


is the catalyst spiraling you into change. The unstoppable inner evolution is compelling you to discover who you can become. A simple but deep mental and emotional exercise marks the Initiation step each month.


is the exhale that allows the next breath. The old you is transformed into the wisdom of lessons learned. Jamye teaches on the monthly topic and does Light Language and Crystalline Soul Healing to assist the Releasing pillar.


is your Awareness manifest. It is where new beginnings lead to the next as your life becomes a creative dance through time. To expand in the physical realm is to choose, act and become. Each month this stage offers an action choice related to the month’s energy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from the monthly energy video on Youtube?

The subscription program goes into greater detail and Jamye does a lot of energy healing around the topic each month. You’ll have exercises and information to download that help you apply it into your life. The Areon channeling and the monthly energies Teleclasses are on video with an audio download you can download and save.

Can I access the materials anytime?

You can login and access the content anytime. Materials are downloadable within the time they are available.

The Annual Subscription gives access to the full 2022 calendar year’s materials for a year from purchase.

The Monthly Subscription only has access to the current month’s materials for a month from your purchase.

What if I’m starting in the middle of the year?

The Monthly Subscription can be started or stopped at any time. The topics Areon teaches are designed for our personal development and are always beneficial.

What is the refund policy?

For the Monthly Subscription, you can cancel at any time, though no refund for unused portions will be given. You can access the course materials through your prepaid timeframe.

For the Annual Subscription, you can cancel at any time, but no refunds will be given for unused portions. You can access the course materials through your prepaid timeframe.

Each step is The Journey.

The path of evolution begins within you, then ripples out to change the world. Let’s walk it together.

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