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Annual Subscription 2022

$350.00 / year

The Journey 2022: Creative Harmonics is based on Areon’s (the Lyran Council of Time) blueprint of the year’s focus of expansion through the monthly energies. It uses the Four Pillars of Ascension to direct your journey, which are Awareness, Initiation, Releasing and Expansion.

Receive access to the full calendar year’s lessons for 2022.

More information in the description below. 

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Each month’s focus will navigate you through these four steps as you Journey through the month’s Ascension focus with Jamye. These stages of Ascension help you create a progression of transformation into more empowerment, creativity and positive flow.

Your Annual Subscription includes:

  • Awareness Pillar: Lyran Perspective Channeling video
  • Initiation Pillar: Written resource and exercise (pdf download)
  • Releasing Pillar: Teaching video with healing transmissions
  • Expansion Pillar: Written resource and exercise (pdf download)
  • Member Forum and Comments
  • Jamye may post additional content sometimes, like card readings or Q & A
  • Lessons stay available for the entire calendar year
  • Most audio programs can be downloaded, videos are not downloadable
  • Your access begins when you subscribe and contains all information for the calendar year (as it’s available).
Journey with community!

Please note: these offerings may change if needed. For instance, if a video isn’t feasible an audio may be substituted. The subscription includes the Lyran Perspective and Monthly Energies Teleclass, please do not purchase both.

Refund Policy

You can cancel at anytime and your card will not be charged again the following year, however; no refunds will be given.

You’ll maintain access to the lessons for the full calendar year of 2022 for a year from purchase.

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