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Thyroid Support


The thyroid energetically represents how you work with your life force. This healing tool utilizes Light Language, Crystalline Soul Healing and music to facilitate vibrational balancing.  Details and a sample in the description below.



Do you over-control your environment (hyperthyroidism), over-exerting your will outward, especially on others? Do you under-control your environment (hypothyroidism) by not expressing your needs to receive support?

Balancing the thyroid supports healthy hormone flow, regulating your energy, metabolism and more. On an energetic level, it assists with expressing your needs and creating nourishing connections with people and time. It promotes a healthy equilibrium with your responsibilities and supports your harmony in home, work and play.

As your thyroid flows well, regulating your cycles of energy, you have an easier flow with life. Your empowerment and value is honored within and by others.

This recording contains a 5 – 10 minute Light Language transmission and music.

Listen to a sample:

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