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Loving Boundaries Teleclass


Healthy boundaries help you honor your sacred inner realm and interact with greater empowerment. More information in the description below.



Your Loving Boundaries help you establish an easier flow in all of your relationships. Most of your boundaries are unspoken, as they are held through your intent. Often you have internal mixed signals of how safe you feel saying no or how guilty you feel for not sacrificing yourself endlessly for others.

Humanity is learning the balance of give and take in a flow that benefits all involved, establishing empowered people interacting with each other instead of continuing patterns of unspoken misuse of energy.

In this class you will move past vague and unspoken blocks that keep you afraid to stand up for yourself, to nurture yourself or unable to take risks that will result in your creative sharing.

This class contains channeled information, Light Language, Crystalline Soul Healing frequencies and practical exercises to open your heart and strengthen your boundaries.

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