Crystalline Soul Healing Energy Healing Modality Jamye PriceFirstly to understand the sacred geometry, one can begin simply or one can begin with high math, one can begin with intricate music, or one could begin with an understanding of quantum light working and arrive at the same point. For sacred geometry is both basic and intricate. They are the same. Sacred geometry is both a language and a formula, at once solved and unsolvable for the layers with which one can interact are never ending.

That which one hears may not be recognized as a mathematical formula, but it is. That which you see with your eyes may not be recognized as interdimensional, but it is. This is the basis of sacred geometry. I ask you, what color is 72? What is the basic enfoldment that will occur with that number into shape — or how does the angle of 72 begin to form itself into a shape? What is the emotion of 72? For it is distinct. Given that 72 has a basic numerical property, please understand that it will also have all other properties contained within it. For it exists.

This is to tell you that in the basic structure of any number exists All That Is. Then it is to follow that the basic structure of any geometry contains the All That Is. This is why shape has come to be associated with religion, why number has been associated with religion. The All That Is within gives the number and the shape their power to interact. It is a matter of their refinement. It is known that shape converts to numerical formula, numerical formula converts to sound, sound converts to emotion, emotion to information, information to light, light to information, information to emotion, emotion to sound.

What looks like a circle and one dimension may be a line in another dimension as two points within that circle are activated into relationship. How does this occur? It is a vast interworking of the intention of All That Is, for those two points may contain the relationship that triggers the light, emotion, sound or color needed for interaction. Forward that relationship comes and the result is reality. Once shape comes into being, the All That Is has already formed the idea, for it is the idea of the All That Is that brings forth reality.

Your free choice within this realm interacts with the idea of All That Is because you are not separate from All That Is. Clearly understand the force of choice, because you do have that ability. Know that within the scale of free choice you are choosing along with guidance from that aspect of you that is more closely aligned in vibration with All That Is. Most often humanity does not recognize the prompting of this guidance because it melds with you, as it has since your birth into this life.

So this choosing shapes geometries, and the geometries shape the choosing.

As an absolute, that is as solid as it can be. Becoming comfortable in this will greatly enhance life experience and understanding – as constants are variances, this is universal law. How else would growth continue? Allow understanding to be conceptual and you will expand, allowing understanding to be finite brings about decay. This is why society resists change.

In the vastness of All That Is, the same geometry will have different action depending on the person and the moment in time. Therefore, a square will have attributes and these will vary. Such is the value of time that you as a human may clarify which attribute comes forward into reality. For all attributes are activated – and within that which corresponds to the emotion, light, sound, color, time and choice — the attributes are experienced. That is the reality of what you experience. As you allow more conceptual experience, you will bring forth understanding of a more vast array of the interaction, not just that which you see or hear. Begin to open to more of your senses. It is time.

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