What comes before occupation is Preoccupation. ;o) What precedes your future moments – worry, control, understanding, Trust? I find it funny that occupation is a job and something that happens to a country that has been invaded. What does that say about the general nature (aha – general!) of work? It’s like someone outside of us took over our sovereignty. In many ways, it is as if your sovereignty is lost when you are Preoccupied. You’re worried, which means you’re not Trusting, which means you feel the need to control things outside of yourself, which means you’re not at Peace, etc. Being Preoccupied is not a pleasant state, it’s a state of mind function that is not helping you create what you want, its blocking access to what you want.
We’ve spoken before about how this is a more potent time for creating and manifesting, as we’ve moved to yet another new level of Creatorship early in the year. This will continue. It’s time now to utilize our mind function to support us, or allow it to block us from the beautiful life and world we can create just by remaining Open and Loving. It takes work sometimes. Doh! There it is! The occupation!
The difference is when work becomes play rather than drudgery. It’s easy to get bogged down in the perspective of personality annoyances, superfluous drama or just plain old boringness because its socially acceptable. That manifests in all different types of ways. I remember being in line at the grocery store and the cashier was singing his heart out (interesting expression!). He was moving quickly, not holding up the line at all, just enjoying his time there as he rang up my items. The lady behind me was so upset that she said to him, ‘I work at a mental hospital and I have already diagnosed you with four separate disorders!’ You can bet she wasn’t having fun at work, and its likely she was also rather ineffective since her own mental state was so abusive towards others, thus repeating a cycle of disempowerment over and over within her life. Therefore, as we focus our mind and life towards enjoyment, we are opening to a new cycle of Joy rather than toil.
Preoccupation serves to disrupt the Flow in your life from Joyful creation. I’ve certainly had days where the Preoccupation is harder to overcome, but I now find that the focus is easier with the Trust that Peace is around the corner, even though it’s not accessible in this moment. I make the effort to cease the worry and negative mind chatter as soon as I can and find a perspective or action that will open me to Flow.
As we sit to Blast Preoccupation, we are releasing the fears that block us from Knowing and feeling All Is Well. We are allowing others to live their lives as they see fit and maintaining our focus on change for the better. We are creating our future by allowing the Flow of Good to nourish our budding creations. We are freeing ourselves from the need to control outside circumstances and the frustration that comes from not knowing when or how we will get the entire world to cooperate. We are clearing limiting beliefs from our energetic field and creating a cycle of empowerment that builds momentum towards positive change. We are letting go of worry and stepping into the Mastery of Knowing, even in the face of the unknown. We are Trusting. We are Peaceful. We are Powerful. In Joy. Blast on!

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