This time of rapid movement brings into a focal point your endings and your beginnings.

Your endings and your beginnings are not so succinct, they cross-over, they draw out, they intermingle with one another.

Yet you appreciate endings and you appreciate beginnings, so you find a way to bring them to a focal point for your own understanding and your own continued movement forward.

There are endings that you look forward to, that you pray for, there are endings that you try to avoid. There are endings that bring you ease and endings that bring you fear.

All of these bring you growth. All endings bring you growth.

Growth Begins

This is a constant in your life, growth.

Growth involves change, for in stepping to a new level, you must leave another level behind.

In order to grow sometimes you must become so uncomfortable in your skin that you would shed it. Sometimes you must observe the growth of others, sometimes you must reflect upon your past, sometimes you use the engine of comparison to propel you.

This can benefit you if you keep your perspective of love clear.

It will cease your growth if you compare through the perspective of lack, through the perspective of less than.

If you find this feeling when you compare your growth to others or when you reflect upon your past, then it serves you not.

Comparison Ends

There is a natural component to your mind that categorizes. In order to categorize you find differences, you find similarities, you relate things to another.

This engine of comparison, of categorizing, can help you along your growth or stop you.

Allow it to serve you, do not allow it to control you.

By your choice, you can find the perspective of love. By your choice, you can release the categories and comparisons that bind you and enhance those that propel you forward.

By your choice, you can find within your perspective of love a limitlessness to your beingness that expands you well beyond that which you might compare.

This comparison, this categorizing can set limits.

Choice Begins

There is an art to looking beyond what has been before, looking beyond what is now, and being that which has yet to be dreamed. It is a quantum shift.

It starts between the spaces that you see. It starts pre-physical manifestation and it begins to form and it begins to form and it forms itself into something palpable, into something experienceable, into something livable.

From this quantum experience, comes a physical experience unlimited by previous experience. How is it that you find the energy to build this?

Release the limitations that you place upon yourself. Release the limitations that all those around you put upon you.

Your rate of expansion is guided by your choice.

The most powerful engine you have is that of love.

This energy of love is the true force that moves you. It is the true force that moves you.

At times you experience love to varying degrees. Love unbridled is a force you have yet to experience. Seek it out and you will find moments, moments and more moments where you touch it.

Just a touch is all you need and you will find more and more and your quantum idea will grow into physical experience.

Questions & Answers

Question: Can you give an example of a comparison that propels us forward rather that restricts us?

When you find a comparison that feels good to you, you will find that it propels you towards rather than away. You find a comparison of a person, of a job, of a form of art and you find yourself striving and growing towards.

It does not bring about feelings of unworthiness, it does not bring about feelings of lack – it brings about an excitement for growth towards. And then you find as you reach it, you then reach beyond.

From the opposite extreme you can find yourself in a mode of comparison that brings you little but the feeling of lack. Two extremes, and yet you may find that at times that which propels you towards with feelings of excitement may have a small mix of feelings of lack.

You are able to focus, you are able to shift your perspective of love and continue to move towards growth rather than focusing on the lack and ceasing growth.

You do this naturally in your systems, some of this is beneficial, some of this is not. As you seek degrees and grade levels in school, this can be beneficial for some people.

This same engine can cause others distress. As you compare your grade levels, you will find that sometimes these categories do not serve.

While some thrive in this environment, others do not.

And instead of finding the environment they do thrive in, they have no other choices. There is no adjusting the environment for those that choose to learn in a different way, or excel in a different way.

There is a structure and either you fit it or you don’t; winners fit it well, losers do not.

In this way, the comparisons do not serve growth.

Yet for those winners it seemingly serves their growth well. However, the absolute structure of the system may not put them in a place where they can excel outside of that structure, so the engine of comparison has them locked.

So as all of your comparisons feel good, focus towards the growth, then they serve you well.

When they do not feel good, instead of comparing find a new structure, find a new modality. Find a new way of exercising your own type of learning, your own type of being, your own type of expressing.

So as you search for a new modality of expression, you may sample others and compare what they are doing, see how they feel to you. Through all of this sampling, you may still find that some feel good and some do not, yet it has nothing to do with you, only with your preference.

The caveat of these structured engines is that many get lost and they do not know how to find their own way off the path.

As you search for the expression of you, watch how you use comparison, watch how you use categorizing. Does it limit you, does it bind you, or does it inspire?

Question: Since love is the most powerful engine, can you suggest ways for us to create, expand or maintain love?

Often times as you are experiencing love, humans have challenges receiving it and they have limits on giving it.

As you are beginning to find new ways to experience a more expanded love, find experiences with love that have no emotional charge for you.

This takes a keen awareness of your own feelings of love. 

For most often in this experiment as you are beginning this you will find that it is easiest to love that which you have not tried to love before.

For often there is an emotional charge, there is a preset condition that will inhibit love flow.

You may find it easier to love a tree, an animal, a piece of nature, a wholeness of nature, an experience of a moment. You may find these easier to love than say a human that you have a lot of history with or a new human that you have just met.

For in that instance, you will be expecting.

You may be expecting reaction, you may be expecting gratitude for your love, you may be expecting to receive love back.

But with an experience, with a piece of nature, with an animal – you will have less conditions already set upon that love.

As you find that you can generate a powerful love with nothing in return, you will begin to notice what it is that you do receive in return.

You will begin to notice how easy it is to find love in a breath, in the play of sunlight, in the feeling of the earth on your feet.

When you become aware of what you receive from that, you will find it easier to access for the things that challenge you.

Then you can begin to find love in those moments where it may not be your first choice. It is available as your second choice and you will take that opportunity because you know how good it feels.

You will begin to notice the benefit that you have when you choose love over the perception of any sort lack and you will want to share that benefit with all that you come into contact with. It will become easier and easier and it will become your natural perception of how you observe everyone.

They have that same love within them, but whether or not they are activating it has no bearing on your own choice to do so.

Question: Is love just an internal feeling or does it also manifest itself physically?

Love is alive, do you doubt that?

It is not just sitting dormant, it is alive and thriving.

When you generate it you are actually allowing it to flow through you.

Though it may feel that it comes from inside, it is better stated that it comes from everywhere and you feel it inside.

It is very much alive and we would say that it is better stated as a building block of your universe.

It is no less a building block than your carbon and your nitrogen and you say that they are too small to see but you believe that they are there.

You see them clumped together at times, others are so small you would never see them. And so it is with love.

It is in a form that you will never see in the physical. You will not see a chunk of love, alive or dead. It is too small to clump up like that, but alive it is – and breathing through you, tasting through you, circulating through you, whispering in your ear, singing you to sleep and nudging you awake.

It can open your eyes in wonder, or it can cleanse your eyes with tears; but love it is, and alive it is, and such a part of you and such a part of this earth that it is inseparable from even one molecule.

Question: Can we generate it or do we exist for it to flow through?

You exist for it to flow through, you exist because it is fun, you exist because you choose to.

You allow it, you choose it, you activate it, you invigorate it, you stop it, you squelch it, or you move it.

It is your choice.

It is your choice what you will build with love.

When you look around you and you see those other humans around you, some look sad, some look mad, some look bored, some look busy, some look happy.

All of them, ALL of them are built from the same building block of love as you.

They may not have chosen to activate it, they may not know how to allow it through, they may not know how to feel love or perceive love.

They may not know how to look past fear, but they are built of the same structure of love as all that you see around you, for it is within every molecule of their being as well.

And you make your choice moment by moment, with each breath, with each thought. You make your choice as to how much love you will allow to flow through you.

Choose well, for it is your own body, it is your own being that the love is wanting to invigorate.

Question: Does the plant kingdom have it flowing through them more easily than us?

What is your answer to this question? [I’m suspecting yes.]

Yes, for they have little that holds them back from flowing it.

It is what they know themselves to be, a beautiful gift to this planet.

A beautiful gift – that one small green leaf graces this earth, it is a better place.

This, too, is available to you as the truth of who you are.

The plant knows it, too many humans deny it.

They find themselves comparing themselves to others. They find themselves comparing themselves to an ideal that they think they should meet in order to be successful or valuable.

We say you have but to breathe and this earth is a better place.

Breathe deeply of Life.

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