September Review

Wow! Pretty awesome. Pretty intense. Whew! I read the overall September energy as Higher Self Overlay, which is ultimately a natural process throughout Ascension, as you release density/trauma and open to the flow of Life. But in September there was a collective surge of anchoring the higher-frequency Self in the physical realm for those that are ready. Yay Lightworkers! September had a lot of astrological significance and energy that was hard to miss! The integration of them will occur over time, and Areon says the next three months (through the end of the year) will have the energy of preparation to them.

October Energy

October will be somewhat of a response to the powerful energy of September. October has the energy ofrelease, and there is still some energy around speaking your truth (which isn’t always in words – sometimes it’s action) which will also continue working with boundaries. Those have been fun, huh?!

Heart/Mind Resonance

There has been an energetic resonance between the head, throat and heart that has been building throughout the past few months. When energy flows strongly in a certain area, it creates (induces) an electromagnetic current, with magnetics being a powerful core of our existence, form and flow. This energetic resonance is a response to greater usage of the heart/mind and it is having an effect on the throat—a chakra that humanity would benefit by healing.  As a forerunner in heart/mind connection, you are shifting the energy flow of your energetic system and creating a resonant dynamic in the head and heart. It is fascinating to watch on an intuitive level.

Remember that authenticity is a vital part of your experience. Your inner strength allows you to operate powerfully in this world. Spiritual opening is a wonderful, loving experience. There is an integration phase because contacting a higher frequency (Love) begins to release things that aren’t resonant in order to raise your foundational vibration. Many get overwhelmed with the pain of the Earth experience and can’t handle the energetic interaction. They don’t continue to move forward because they can’t let go of an internal vibration (like forgiving someone or standing up for yourself), or they won’t interact with life because they don’t think they can handle the pain.

As you allow the heart and mind to work together, you can connect, understand, and choose. Connect, understand, and choose. Be patient with yourself as you strengthen your boundaries. They build like a muscle does—with some effort of pushing past a comfort zone (which does not have to be a bad experience!). It is time for Lightworkers to become the dominant force in their lives. Put your intention into your life and be patient as Life responds through the building of form.

Throat Response

The throat chakra is where energy manifests into the physical realm. Remember, it’s not just about words, as a sculptor that is creating a sculpture with their hands is using throat chakra energy. Humanity as a whole has not been taught to be authentic with their words. They have not always been taught to be considerate with their words either. What you say has an impact. It is part of creating form.

Clarity of the heart/mind does not mean that every thought is a pleasant thought, or every word is a word that others want to hear. It means every word is an authentic and loving word. Speaking your truth begins with being truthful within. As you honor authentic thoughts and emotions within, you actually start the process of healing automatically. Your work is to allowhealthy flow of authenticity and to seek new perspective and strength of connection with Life.

Love is Your Power

During the Light Language portion of the monthly video, I was hearing the translation that we are anchoring more of our True Power (LOVE). This is such a foundational necessity and it requires balance, strength and the ability to deal with life on Earth. There are certain things in this realm that many have a hard time dealing with—like death, loss, rejection, to name a few. The more you Love yourself, the more you Love life, others, change and the unknown. We are really at an exciting time where Love is becoming much more prevalent on Earth. It takes strong people that are able to handle adversity with a strength and a compassion in order to see and create a new path.

There is a lot of change going on beneath the obvious in politics, finances and much more. It takes time to build. Hold your focus, honor your passions and be the force of change in your own life that ripples out and let’s others surf your wave. Love is a passive force that begins building in the subtle realm through magnetic resonance. You are magnificent. Compel new form in your life and this world. It is the power of your Love.

Just before I started the Light Language, I looked up and saw a vulture flying right over me. I knew it was significant, and I even knew I was going to have an animal message for us this month. During the Light Language video, we were visited by two butterflies (you can see them on the video) which signify transformation. We also had the energy of blue jays with their powerful voice (you can hear them squawking, they aren’t shy). They represent power and expression. These are powerful indicators, so I figured they were the animal message that I knew was coming. And they are. But I had forgotten about the vulture.

As soon as I got home I sat at my desk and there was a turkey vulture rising higher with the thermals right outside of my window. I got the message! The vulture represents resurrection, death and rebirth. I recommend reading the full description in Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, but essentially it is a bird that represents great courage and strength. When I was reading the full description, there is even an indicator of a three-month time frame of change. That matches what I was feeling about October, November and December. Prepare for an awesome 2016! Woohoo! A new you!

October Summary

As you continue to allow the powerful eclipses and recent energies to release through October, you are continuing to integrate more of your Higher Self into the physical experience. This will call you to more creative responsibility, so you may notice things manifesting more quickly, resolving, and change occurring. Be patient with this new foundation of creativity that is anchoring in your life. Your internal authenticity and peace will lead you well. Your heart/mind balance is calling you to hold a space for new creation. Connect, understand, and choose—Love! Love is your True Power, and it takes True Power to wield it! :o) Love powerfully! Have an awesome October!

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