April Review

April had the energy of ‘the strength to create.’  It felt more like ‘the strength to get through the day!’  Has fatigue ever been so prevalent?!  It wasn’t easy to get extra sleep and it didn’t matter anyway!  It was a profound month of physical inner change.  I was shown that the fatigue was due to brain adjustments that are creating better access to a waking meditative state.  We will have more ease accessing an Alpha state in general, and for many even a Theta state.  These are brain waves that are much more in tune with the frequency of a creative, Loving, calm state.  It is a subtle shift, but over the course of time you may begin to notice more calm.  If you are already noticing more calm, lucky you!  Many are still experiencing a LOT of shift and movement from the eclipse/equinox/Pluto-Uranus-Square catalyst.

April also brought some deep release, especially around shame.  Just like the brainwave adjustments, these shifts can sometimes seem subtle at first.  However, another side effect of so much release of discordant vibration is a new track of creation in your life.  So it may have also seemed like things that were moving forward either stalled or became unclear.  At first this can be pretty frustrating, but ultimately it becomes more beneficial.  You’ll readjust to a new path of creation that is better aligned with your new, freer energy.  The April challenges and benefits feed right into the energy of May.

May Energies – Choice and Focus

May and June both are going to call you to more focus.  Focus is an important one.  The brain changes and the deep release of April provide us with more availability of our focus.  I’m excited to see these brain changes.   That focused, calmer, waking meditative state can help you begin taking more empowered action in life – choice.

Choice is both internal and external action. As you begin creating more of your reality rather than reacting, it anchors Loving Light here on Earth for others to observe and choose as well.  The exponential effects, the fractal expansion, are a natural part of the system of Life.  As you choose, life changes.  First subtly, then you get clues of impending manifestation. Change keeps building momentum and manifests.  And the cycle continues.

Creation always begins internally.  What does that look like in your life?  First, it requires relaxing into your present moment (not as easy lately). As you become well with what-is, your energy field opens and connects in a way that gives you access to helpful thoughts, feelings and synchronicities that begin to build a new future.  Relaxing into the moment is a matter of focusing yourself away from any fear, impatience, resentment or any other challenging vibration that is inhibiting you from peace.  Once you can focus yourself into a better feeling state of being, you now have access to new choice that wasn’t available from a chaotic vibration.   This was the beauty of releasing shame in April (or anytime!); you are shifting away from a harmful vibration running in the background – like a virus that slows down your computer.

What if You Can’t Focus?

Choice always begins within.  You choose to focus in a direction, you choose to shift your thoughts, you choose to find a new perspective.  If you find that you can not focus no matter how you try, then there is an internal vibration that is inhibiting your easier flow.  Practice mediating more – short meditations are fine.  You need to exercise the mental focus muscle.

Also, do you have some go-tos for healthy release of emotions?  The same thing won’t always work, so have some backups.  Need to release some anger, frustration, resentment or some other fiery emotion?  Get moving!  Exercise, dance, play fast music, yell at a wall (then apologize!).  Feeling sorrow, depression or unworthiness?  Play sad music, watch a sad movie, soak in a salt bath, walk out in nature, especially by water.  Get the water moving.  Don’t keep it in and let it stagnate or saturate.  Free yourself!  Sometimes after you release these emotions you feel immediately better.  Sometimes you feel better the next day.  Sometimes you have to repeat the exercise and repeat again and again.  If you find yourself feeling resentful that you’ve already done it and you’re not completely blissful and fulfilled in life, that’s fire energy of impatience.  Get moving again, and you’re probably ready for some more tears.

Not feeling any of these?  Maybe you’re feeling great?  Yay!  Relax, play and focus!  Choice and focus are a natural creative progression in this state.

Lightworkers (which can be anyone, we all have the ability) are here to ‘work’ in the realm of ‘Light,’ which is merely subtle energy.  Humanity has a long history of some working in those subtle realms and everyone else either not knowing about it or being suppressed from it.  That time is over.  Now we are relearning to control our own minds and connect them with our hearts.  That takes a level of awareness as to the intention behind all things.  It’s not always obvious or easy, but it’s so worthwhile to cultivate that skill.  May will be pressing you to observe the true intent behind your own motivations and others.  When you find a motivation you don’t like, forgive and focus toward one that is a win/win.  When you find a motivation you do like, focus toward the win/win.  That empowers and connects humanity, starting with you.  What an amazing time we are living in!

In summary

May is preparing us for an empowerment that creates meaningful change on Earth.  Sometimes life is challenging, yet ultimately we are to be moving in a direction that no longer creates battle consciousness with Life.  Relax into your moment.  Forgive easily and hold boundaries wisely.  Perceive and focus in a compassionate way that exemplifies choice that empowers all involved, including yourself.  Speak and think words of Love to yourself and others, even if the truth hurts at first as a wound is dressed for healing.  Be realistic with life on Earth, and open the gateway to a new experience of Love on Earth.  Transmit that possibility through the gleam in your eyes, the gateway to your soul.  Shine brightly, even in a glance.  May your focus and choice shift your internal Love into an external evolution of Life.   That is the power of a true spiritual warrior.  We’ll talk more about that in June. Happy May!

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