Blessed Being, your magnificence is known to Life. You are an aspect of the core of Life—Love, in human form. Your form is merely one aspect of you, for the largest aspect of you resides in the subtle, connected realm; your Higher Self. This “You” in subtle form works directly with the human you at all times, for it is you. Your Higher Self is the you that is connected to All Life. It is the you that Knows your worth, because the connection removes doubt; there is a deeper knowing.
When a human Knows their Worth, they no longer interact from fear or insecurity. There is no lack that determines motivations. The interactions become pure and direct. There is no doubt. “Do I deserve a happy life, an abundant life, a life of joy? Am I responsible for my choices, for the choices of another? Am I helping myself in this moment with these actions or inactions? Am I helping another in this moment with these actions or inactions?” A being that is connected with their worth, knows the Truth.
It is tempting to believe that if only you could hear your Higher Self better, this problem would be solved. Dear One, you are never disconnected from your Higher Self. Your Higher Self communicates to you constantly. Because it is you, it communicates in ways that are not always so distinct from you. Your thoughts, your impulses, your desires—even your human doubts, are communication with your Higher Self.
Listening, recognizing and responding are your human responsibilities. Listen to life around you, for it speaks most directly to you. Then listen to your heart. Does it need to release pain or fear? Does it desire a peaceful and loving future? Does it compel you to Love? When you Know Your Worth, you value the power of your Love. You recognize its function in the forming of the future.
As you heal internal fears and insecurities, your vibrational resonance becomes more coherent and pure. This helps you listen, recognize and respond with Love. Your unique and singular human form is valuable to Life. When you consciously use it to View the World around you with your lens of Love, you are Preparing a New Future. You have great power, indeed.
As we sit to Blast Knowing (Y)our Worth, we are releasing pain and fear from the past that disrupts the future we desire. We are opening our hearts and our minds, allowing new information to flow easily from our Higher Selves. We are aligning our vibration with the power of Love and emanating brilliantly in our lives. We are embodying the grace and courage of patience as humanity heals past the fear of the unknown into Knowing the Love within. Blast on!

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