May Review
It has been such a whirlwind lately.  I hope you are patting yourself on the back for all that you’ve been through. Sometimes it’s a little nebulous as to what you’ve ‘gained’ from these intense shifts we’ve experienced lately. It can even get frustrating if you’re feeling that you’re not receiving something beneficial for the endurance.

Sometimes patience and trust are the hardest workout! If you’re finding impatience and frustration with the timing, do the exercises recommended in last month’s newsletter.  You have to get that fire energy of impatience and fear (not trusting) out of your system and processed into a healthy flow.

In May many had big shifts coming to a place of more relief. Remember that sometimes progress is fleeting at first; you get a glimpse of peace, then it may go away, but eventually you regain it for longer periods of time and more frequently until it becomes your new frequency baseline.

This is the way of Ascension: improvement, integration, understanding, application.  Rinse and repeat. Worth the workout. Life begins to get more magical, peaceful and Loving. Your peace emanates. You’ll be surprised at who emulates your lead. Sometimes you don’t see it immediately, sometimes they tell you later how you effected them. But do it for yourself, to experience your peace and know that it benefits All Life as well.

June Energies
Let’s dive right into it! I heard two words when I sat to meditate on the energies of June. Frenetic and Freedom. Expect a fast-paced month, but that doesn’t mean you have to be frenetic!

Frenetic energy is ungrounded, chaotic, unfocused. Frenetic energy can pull you off balance and focus if you allow it. Have you ever been around someone that is like that? You usually feel drained afterwards. Paramedics are often an example of calm in the midst of chaos. They maintain a detached and focused state in order to help those that are in a dramatic situation and unable to help themselves. If they allow the frenetic energy to pull them off balance, there is no one that can help the situation.

So whether it is you pulling yourself off balance or someone else’s frenetic energy pulling at you, maintain or regain your detached focus and find your balance. Maybe it is frenetic worry, avoidance until deadlines are pressed or just a vague sense of uneasiness, find some relief. Ground yourself, meditate, take a walk in nature, do the breathing exercises in this month’s video. Don’t let yourself stay off balance for long. You’re worth the effort.

Now let’s talk about freedom.  Woohoo! We’re going to be set free! Well, that’s not the way of it, is it? Not because the governments are evil, but because your freedom is within you and your work is to cultivate it. Woohoo! You can set yourself free! That is good news! Not always easy though, so have hope and carry on! It does get easier!

Freedom denotes an unconditionality, yet we live in a conditional reality. So you are not free to do anything you want, whenever, wherever; you are free within yourself to feel, perceive and choose how you interact with life. The unconditionality of freedom resides in the subtle realms of your inner world. With that, your experience becomes one of freedom and you find your circumstances beginning to match it. It is a shift in perspective first, then a shift in feeling, then a shift in experience. 

It is uncanny how experiences that felt so restrictive can change, and it is the magical, peaceful and Loving ‘reward’ we spoke about earlier. But it isn’t a system of punishment and reward, it’s a system of creation. Create your inner world and your outer world begins to match it. Patience and trust are important because we have a time lag between inner desire and manifestation. Are you creating or reacting? The difference is in how you ‘c’ it. Creating begins with your vision.  With reacting, your vision is not leading your experience. Do you see new opportunity and potential for improvement in your experiences? If so, you are free within, your vision is not limited by your circumstances.

Freedom is the ability to deal with the conditions of reality with more peace, more acceptance, more interest, and more choice. It doesn’t feel like, ‘I hate this experience, I want another one!’ It feels like ‘This is interesting, it has transpired from past information, now I prefer…’  That is the peace that encompasses all understanding; you understand the current circumstance is undesirable, but you also understand the future is malleable to your focus. In this way, you don’t have as much resistance to the present moment because it is just a manifestation from the past calling you to new choice for the future. 

You have to be honest with your emotional flow, because if you’re having an experience you hate, it’s healthier to actually heal it rather than to stuff it deep within. Allow yourself to hate it until you release/transform the fire energy into the passion to create something new.  See/’c’ the positive potential in there? Any anger, frustration, rage, or similar pain can transform into the passion to create. You just need to see that potential and focus it into form (those May energies are building to our freedom!) That is the positive of the negative – everything has two energies in a world of duality conditions.  You move past them when you connect the two through experience.  Freedom! That you could have an undesirable experience and create from it?  You’re free!

Freedom is an internal experience of being well with your experiences and maintaining an open energy field that is well-connected to your subtle self.  The exercises for relieving frenetic energy actually help you align with your internal freedom. As you are feeling free within, you are interacting with others and with life from a balanced, peaceful, empowered state. It changes your work environment, it changes your home environment, it changes any environment you are in. It’s actually all about you feeling better, and as you feel better you impact life with that vibration.

June will be a fast-paced month after quite a while of intensity. Relax into life more, breathe easily with life. Your relaxation isn’t laziness, it is such power that life is interesting and responsive to you, for you are empowered within. Your inner world is the one thing that you actually control in this beautiful conditional world. Feed your inner body well and it responds just as when you feed your physical body well.

Cultivating your inner freedom is synomous with inner peace, inner Love, inner creativity, inner wonderment, inner Love for humanity and Life on Earth. It is the action of being the change you want to see in the world.  That is your Light work. In the month of the longest day of light of the year, shine your Light brightly! Just as those in the southern hemisphere are having the day of the deepest cleansing of the inner depths! What a great balance these conditions of duality have to offer us! Have a great solstice and a wonder-filled June! 

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