I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Zenka Caro on Exo Metaverse about integrating our cosmic nature and dealing with the constant change we are experiencing. This time is especially important for focusing within, connecting with Love and surfing these constant waves of change.

The process of spiritual awakening is a moving target, especially in times of such chaos in the world – so the times of positive focus are important.

Embodying Light

The Light Language transmission that came through focused on helping us to continue anchoring our cosmic self here on Earth so that the spiritual awakening that we are going through is better supported. This helps us implement universal law into the the physical experience.

I’ve been noticing shifts in my meditation that feel supported by this Light Language transmission. I’ve been seeing the imagery of stardust sparkling through the breath and also emanating from the body, especially around the heart and throat.

We are currently going through some crown chakra readjustments, so I’ve also been noticing a lot of buzzing all around the top of the head. This especially feels like it’s supporting throat chakra expansion.

Cosmic Integration

To me, our cosmic integration is synonymous with human expansion. It’s practical, natural and inevitable. Zenka and I discuss how our cosmic heritage is part of this evolutionary time and why our spiritual awakening is our cosmic awakening.

I share a few contact experiences I’ve had, which is not something I often speak about. I generally will focus on the practical application, because for me it has always been a teaching process. It is like connecting with wise family that understands your wisdom growing here in this density context. [222]

We are at a really exciting time of change, even though much about it is challenging, especially on the world stage.

This strengthening and focusing phase is an important one for more fully integrating this next level of our universality into linearity. This is the paradox of what you truly are and what you are experiencing here.

A multidimensional human.

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