Here we are at Freedom again. I feel like I should just write ‘Blast on,’ we’ve done it so many times! But I accept that it is here for a reason and I certainly recognize my own need to continue to work towards Freedom. My mind doesn’t fully have it, nor does my heart. Do I feel more of it than I did before, absolutely. But I want it all, y’all! If I look at what has changed within me in regards to Freedom, I’d say I have more Trust, more Peace, more Joy. None of those are my experience at all times; however, I see improvement. Do you?
Trust gives you Freedom because you don’t have to worry about the how, should I, what if, etc. You have a knowing that All Is Well, you understand that life is constantly working towards improvement for you, you know that you will get the signals when it is time for action, rest, your mind is working against you, etc. Trust is understanding the way creating this life works on an unseen level while participating in the seen. You’re Trusting yourself, you’re Trusting the Laws of Nature/Physics/Attraction, you’re Trusting the Universe to support you while evidence won’t be forthcoming for some time and you’re not exactly sure of all the details. It’s something I find myself vacillating with as my mind wanders back into times of frustration and old world views from the past and applying them (via worry) into the future. So Trust is still a work in progress, but there is progress!
Peace. That one confused me for awhile. I was resistant to it because I didn’t want to become bored or boring or lacking ambition. Peace isn’t monotone. It’s as intricate as a symphony. You can laugh heartily and still be at Peace. You can sit quietly and still not be at Peace! Part of being Peaceful was coming to terms with my inability to sit and meditate quietly for long periods of time. It’s just not who I am, and yet Peace, Divine Connection and Openness are still available to me, they just come in different forms – like walking in nature. Peace is a state of feeling, while Trust seems to begin as a state of thinking. Perhaps Trust is a building block of Peace. For instance, I had to work to shut down my mind that was telling me I should be ‘doing’ something – the house isn’t clean enough, etc. I had to learn to Trust the moment, Trust my inspiration. Through the ascension process I found many days where I was so fatigued that I couldn’t keep up with errands. I learned to allow myself to spend the day on the couch because I learned that the energy comes another day and it’s ok to allow rest, even when things aren’t ‘perfect’ around you. Finding Peace entailed shifting priorities and Trusting that All Is Well enough that I actually believed it!
Joy. Now it is more a natural state rather than the opposite of feeling negative. It used to be that I had to occupy my mind to find Joy, I needed the outer stimulation to find it. While outer stimulation can certainly grant me access to it, it is less of a reaction to lack of Joy on the inside. I believe that comes with the feeling of Peace and the Trust that All Is Well and improvement is on the way. In many ways, Joy requires attention to be fully activated, otherwise it is content to remain Peaceful. Joy calls you into participation, it enlivens and propels. While there is an element of Peace within that, Joy brings Peace into movement.
I notice progress with the experience of Trust because I Know I can find my way back there, it’s just a perspective away – as with Peace and Joy. There are infinite nuances to Freedom, but here we refine our focus to see where we are not feeling Free. Are you feeling more Trust, Peace and Joy in your life? Are you ok when you’re not, even though it doesn’t feel good in that moment?
As we sit to Blast Freedom, we are recognizing our sovereignty from our mind chatter and yet Know that we can Allow it to be when it seems too strong to overcome. A new moment always arrives. We are understanding that the Laws of the Universe work so well for us that we just need to Love where we are, even in challenge, and change for the better moves faster. We are releasing the fears and doubts that keep our mind fixated on negativity and our heart blind to new possibility. We are opening to the complete Knowing that All Is Well, even in a moment that doesn’t seem perfect. We are Living our Divine Nature and creating the new world in each moment, Trusting that Peace and Joy are not only available, but waiting for us to arrive. Blast on!

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