Human Angel, your knowledge and interaction with life is growing. It can be an in-depth journey of information, or it can be as simple as Love. Love does not always feel simple. It is not always easy. Sometimes Love means walking away, losing a loved one, or saying no as one seeks to manipulate or dominate. 
The simplicity of Love is found through Loving the Self and Loving Life equally. That equality denotes a neutrality, a strength, a peace with any experience. It is equivalent to peacefully observing the tides of the ocean ebb and flow, adjusting as necessary and enjoying the whole process as a beautiful part of life. There is no resistance to the tides, a moment of ebb brings another moment of flow. All is well. An astute one would even notice any sort of warning sign from nature that the tides were turning in a way that requires action.
The natural pace of life is one that you accept in some ways and resist in other ways. When you find resistance to the pace of life, you are not on equal ground and neutral with Life. You are feeling powerless, desperate, unable to accommodate your needs. It is in these moments that you are served well to find peace with the ebb or flow of Life, for it is benevolent, supportive and fail-safed to Love. Mechanisms of protection, progression, connection, expansion – these are all in-built into the fabric of your being and the fabric of Earth and the universe, even the dimensional structure within which it resides. The system of Life is an integrated system of Love expanding. As you flow with Love, so go your tides of creation.
Neutrality is another way of saying unconditionality, yet we say that you reside within a realm of conditions, so how does one ebb and flow between conditionality and unconditionality? From a Loving perspective, be neutral with the conditions of physicality; feed and protect the body, whether it is your body, the body of humanity, the body of Earth, the body of the ecosystem; feed and protect the body. That is Love, and it requires action that is based in Love rather than shame. Even if that action is saying no, it is based in Love. 
Unconditionality is within the subtle realm, the invisible. Therefore, with your invisible, subtle nature; hold no conditions. Forgive easily, forget the pain and remember the resolution. Hold a high standard of focus on the potential that Love is gestating, birthing or consuming for transformation.
The natural pace of life has a momentum of flow that supports your thriving. Your work is to be well with the conditionality and unconditionality that serves Love’s flow in your world. Relax into experiences more. Hold less mental tension of right or wrong. Say yes or no more easily, even with the challenges – All is Well. Gently focus on the Love that is within a being, even if their pain is speaking loudly in a moment; all while holding the boundaries of conditionality that nurture and protect your physical body. The ebb and flow of Life will carry you, push you or pull you as beneficial. It will continue to compel you to more Love, more neutrality, more Life. Proceed with Love.
As we sit to Blast Fast and Slow, we are well with the pace of life, for we are capable of discovering Love at any speed of progress. We are flowing easily with the tides of change, ebbing inward and flowing outward as indicated with the grace of life. We are seeing the connection between visible and invisible, knowing that the push/pull of life is an engine of movement that continues growth. We are neutral in the face of opposition, holding a strength so inherent that nothing pushes or pulls it out of balance. We are the bridge of connection that embodies the grace of true power – Love. We are holding strong in a moment of change, Lighting safe shores for those seeking steady ground to balance upon. Blast on!

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