Light Language by Jamye PriceThrough the heart of the Mother is the only way to the Father. For the difference is children, you know not a true father – for that father who is bound with earthly ways does not commune fully with the mother; therefore, he has not full access to his heart. And so it is. For the father that denies that part of himself has not full access. This is human father, this is not the father of All That Is, for the father of All That Is is in Divine Communion with the mother of All That Is, and to separate the two diminishes the power. This is the power that is within you.

Know ye children that full access is the only doorway that you can truly enter, for before that time you step into a hallway but the journey is still there and until it is that you open the final door of full communion, you know not what it is. This we have shown as the power has been diminished.

Through the time of the fall, the power was separated between male and female so that the reunification would be the fullness and those that recognized it have held the secrets to mastery. Through time these secrets have been shaded and hidden so that the power could be withheld from you. But know that that time ends now. For within you is the Divine Wholeness. It is but yours to access. That is the females that stand tall and know who they are. That is the balance of the male that stands eloquent in his beingness and knows who he is. For it is this union within that is to be balanced or the door does not open. The wholeness is the only way, for anything that leads to separation of any sort is not complete. Understand this clearly. That by all outward appearance or words it shall not be complete. Separation in any form is not complete. That which you separate yourself from, become friendly with and find the underlying thread of Love for it is that within you that you deny. The peace lies within the full understanding of Who You Are. Not but a moment, but a lifetime.

You have been told before that wholeness is the only way to open the final door to ascension. Do not confuse wholeness with perfection. Wholeness, however, is necessary. This takes into consideration the body, the mind and the spirit. As you consider the body, the mind and the spirit, you must consider that which is within you and that which is without of you. This can feel overwhelming and confusing. You are fully prepared with all that you need to proceed. You are fully prepared to understand the pathway and align with the pathway for you. You must consider full expression of your physical vehicle. You must consider full expression of your emotional vehicle. You must consider understanding your mental vehicle. You must consider understanding and adapting to life within the world. You must understand and differentiate between that which is yours and that which is for others. As you differentiate between yourself and another you will come to understand both more clearly. Understanding and acceptance does not mean that you live that pathway; understanding and acceptance helps define your own pathway.

Humans have begun to see themselves as small, disconnected. They have come to misunderstand their own power and connection. It is time to see yourself more fully integrated with all that is around you. It is time to understand with complete knowing that you are directly attached to earth, to each other, to the universe. As you come to understand the powerful force that you are, you will come to understand and integrate your own wholeness with ease. All that you do aligns itself with the universal nature of what you express. All that you feel aligns itself with the universal nature of what you choose. All that you do aligns itself with the universal nature of what you create.

Do not expect that the only way to create is through joy on this journey. Expect that all that you create brings you understanding and clarity, that wholeness may be your path.

As we see and experience your disillusionment, your disappointment, your own feelings of worthlessness, of doing something wrong; we desire to show you that all of this can be used to align you with a path of wholeness. There is not the wrong choice, there is the choice that is. And it has the opportunity to bring you faster understanding and clarity.

Understand that there are times of great movement forward, there are times of rest, there are times of storm, there are times of rebuilding. Understand this and accept it. Too much you resist the rebuild, you resist the rest, you resist the storm. Understand and accept that this is the way of the path. Sometimes you are in a phase of rebuild, sometimes in a phase of storm. All of these phases, like the seasons, bring great purpose.

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