As the year of Freeing Your Heart winds to a close, the direction of your heart is leading you forward. What seems backward is just a direction shift. As you are navigating the impulses of your heart and mind, you are strengthening your clarity to focus your creative Love into your life.

It has been a year of refining your focus, boundaries and energy flow so that you are determining your experience rather than just reacting to life’s tides. This is the core work of Ascension, and we are enhancing the flow of the heart into the human experience.

Your Compassionate Compass

December’s energy of Heart Compass is to help you find your own north star, the stable guiding force of your inner knowing, your deep connection with this vast universe of Life. Your Heart Compass helps you shift direction and know that no matter how far it may seem you stray, it’s just a direction shift.

Shifting direction, making choice, can seem so consequential. And of course, it is at times. But it is also part of moving through Time, where change is constant. As my Guides lovingly told me many years ago, “Make a choice or one will be made for you.”

That was not a punishment for indecision, nor did it mean that we must immediately decide and act. But as we are moving through life, the lack of decision when appropriate, or the lack of directing our energy can result in outside influence within.

Choosing Love

As we’ve moved through the energies of this year, refining our inner realm to support our heart flowing into our life and therefore this world, honoring the sacredness within has been paramount. This has been a year of going deeper into healing and deeper into personal clarity.

This year challenged many to find more courage to express the self, hold loving boundaries better so your mental energy is more relaxed. Your Heart Compass is a reminder that all directions are within the circle of Life.

As you make choice and change direction or move forward, backward or seem to stand still; you are within the circle of Life. All direction leads you to Life. Your work, Lightworker, is to bring your Love, to Free Your Heart into this world.

Your Heart Compass will only lead you to Love.

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