Enjoy the Co-creation meditation with Light Language and Crystalline Soul Healing to help you amplify your Co-creative abilities.

Divine Co-creation

As you allow your divine nature to merge more directly with your human nature, you discover the natural flow of your Ascension. We are moving into ever-greater entanglement with the higher self and human self. This is where your Co-creation resides.

It teaches you the mastery of navigating your soul path from your human perspective. Weaving your control and lack thereof is the gift of neutrality.

This is why I love Light Language, Crystalline Soul Healing, or any modality or activity that helps us recognize the power of blending the human and higher self. The balance of action and allowing.

These mirror our divine Co-creation.

Life Co-creates

Co-creation is the natural flow of Life. Areon has reminded us for years: Life wants to flow through you.

Life will flow through you whether you are happy, sad or mad. It will flow through you whether you are choosing to do good or harm. It will flow through you unconditionally.

Your creative choice is key.

This is why Areon has also focused on the sensitives, the loving ones boldly living their lives. So that the loving ones are strongly flowing their choices into their lives. That’s what truly changes the world.

It is what elevates all life.

The choices that we are each making to focus our creative energy is what truly changes the world.

Our Co-creation is important to understand and utilize our creative power.

This world needs more Love.

Thank you, loving Lightworker.

Life benefits from your Co-creation.

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