March Review

March Eclipse Ascension Energies by Jamye PriceThe eclipse energy in March brought some intense internal shifts. Eclipses herald a resetting of energy. This series was with Pisces and Libra, offering us a deep connection with the depths of the mysterious (Pisces), and a balance of duality, equality, relationship, and connection (Libra). A few days before the second eclipse, I was shown a vision of “humanity vomiting.”

This vision indicated that many would be releasing toxic emotions and energy, perhaps with a fast, unexpected, or violent eruption. Your prayers are powerful, please keep praying for those that are experiencing great loss or pain during these times, like the bombing in Belgium.

When I mentioned this vision in my weekly email, I heard back from multiple people of their experiences with those energies, and some even felt some nausea that had no rhyme or reason as to a physical cause. I also experienced a few hours of mild nausea from time to time.

These changes of Ascension that we are going through as a species are sometimes subtle, sometimes uncomfortable, and sometimes exciting.

The visions and the psychic senses can be fascinating. The feeling of connection with angels or our galactic heritage can be thrilling. This is a vital aspect of recognizing our broader, invisible connection with Life.

With all of it, the internal work of balancing the self, shifting relationships, transforming fears, and releasing 3D control is part of the path. Love is an empowered state, and sometimes that means saying no, not getting what you want, or being uncomfortable and yet also safe. It takes practice and participation. It takes reminding yourself through the challenges and the triumphs that all is well, and improving.

March was great exercise and some strong astrological assistance for change.

April Energies

April Calm and Clarity of Being and Doing by Jamye PriceApril feels a little calmer in comparison to March. There is a focus on the inner world—inner peace, balance, and stillness. Don’t expect that the outer world will calm down. I do feel that the external drama level may increase in some ways, which is normal as you disengage from drama. When you as an empath, a healer, a Lightworker, a sensitive being—start holding your power instead of letting others feed off of it in unhealthy ways, others typically react. It’s all unconscious, but generally they will get louder, more insistent, or act out—wanting to keep their disempowered dependency on your energy. As you hold your power, not letting unhealthy leaks in your energy field remain, you are shifting your creative energy in your life, and that ripples out to humanity and life on Earth.

This focus on the inner world in April will generally have more of a mental feel to it.

What are you noticing, what are you observing, what is the quiet voice within telling you? Look for the subtle changes that have occurred. For instance, maybe you have a challenging person in your life. Notice how reactive or non-reactive you are to them. Compare it to a year ago. Observe. Mark your progress. Stay open to change and improvement without as much resistance. Don’t judge yourself if you are still feeling negative, appreciate the awareness and keep easing yourself into more empowered healing.

April focuses the integration of the recent eclipses—heart/mind balance.

It will be a time of noticing some subtle nuances that are a turning point for you. It will offer you the opportunity to integrate powerful usage of the heart/mind complex as you embrace the functionality of the brain and expand into greater connection as a whole being. This is “Being the Change.” It is often simpler than it seems, and yet it is not what we are taught, so it can be confusing. “Doing” isn’t the wrong opposite of “being,” we are evolving into conscious participation with Life, “being” as we are “doing.”

There is a balance of action, which is physically focused, and also a balance of surrendering to the unknown, which is non-physically focused. Since humanity has been physically focused, we are accustomed to controlling our experiences. Now we are learning to control our inner world, observe the inner and the outer, and co-create with Life.

This is necessary for our growth into becoming more creative in our life, and April will offer great refinement of your state of “being.” It is a vibrational skill that results in greater coherence, harmonizing the electromagnetic power of your heart/mind. As you connect your heart/mind complex—your thoughts and feelings, you are having a greater electromagnetic effect in your life and for humanity. Ascension is all about becoming more conscious, as it is our conscious awareness that brings great change. It’s a powerful time!


Heart Mind Coherence and Clarity by Jamye PriceIn April, look within and hold your power of coherent, harmonized flow of empowered Love. Become clearer about the Self and others, so that you are honoring the duality of the physical experience and truly integrating it with the vast, infinite, non-physical you. The energy of April will help you understand how you can “be” (a peaceful, empowered state), even while you are “doing.”

You are meant to take action and participate with Life. In order to be more effective with your actions and inactions—your conscious awareness, your connection with the subtle realms—must come from a true resonance of Loving empowerment. We can do be this!

April is leading to some interesting changes for May and June. Check out the video for a preview.

Whether it is spring or autumn for you—have an amazing April!

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