Blessed Being, you are entering a great time of Empowerment. You see it all around you on the world stage, though  it often looks like discord in the beginning.

Sometimes the old must be knocked over before the new can be built. Sometimes it’s difficult circumstances that gather world focus towards compassion through great challenge.

Maintain your focus as much as possible and Know that All is Well, even if some time must pass as things shift.

Another Within. Here we see the reaction to the suppression of the Truth within. Within you. So  important.

For within you, you experience the world.

Within you, you perceive the world.

Within you, you decide how to interact with the world.

Thus, within you, you create your world. What new world are you building?

The word “an-other” breaks down to without-other. You could view this as only me, which is correct. There is even physical proof. You are the only person in your body. You are the only you that is in this world.

You are even separate from children you have birthed that share your DNA. You don’t live in their body thinking their thoughts.

Yet there is an additional interpretation that is also correct.

“Without-other” means there is not truly separation, for All Life is united.

All that you do effects others. A look of disdain can be just as powerful as a look of Love. One look and you are with the other, sometimes for life.

The system of life on earth is intelligently designed to be interactive. You are born of Source Energy and through life you actualize Source Energy in its many diverse forms.

You perceive form around you and create within as you make decisions with your focus, your actions and your reactions.

The world of interaction begins within and emanates out.

Who is the other within if you are not completely separate? It is All.

Within you is Source Energy, the infinite beginning and ending in one form.

Within you is earth energy, for you are of the same elements in different form, dependent upon its fruit for your sustainment.

You are of human energy, for your thoughts, words and deeds are the mix that make life experience.

Within you is all other and no other, the duality exposed in the house of mirrors as a mere reflection of grace in distinctive form.

Within you is the capacity to transform the world around you with Love Reflected; for self, for others, for All. Your choice.

This moment is your gateway, for it is presenting information that is beckoning your force of Love to embrace it back into the Oneness, back into Acceptance, back into Worth.

Within your own heart, the call is made.

Another Within speaks to your grace, your calling.

Another Within is your recognition of your Source Origin, your Love Reflected. You are a sovereign being with choice in each moment. You are a powerful transducer of Love. You are the interpretation of your unique perspective of the All.

As we sit to Blast Another Within, we are remembering our innate ability for compassion in challenge. We are recognizing that unique is a beautiful gift and connection is a beautiful bridge. We are beginning to transition our perception from hatred to understanding and from fear to courage. We are becoming the ending and the beginning.

We are Allowing others their choices, for the call of the Love Within us is the magnetic force that embraces pain and joy with equal empowerment. We are remembering that we have never been alone, never been forsaken and never been anything less than treasured in every choice we have ever lived. We are recognizing our immense value, for it is US that transforms the world.

That begins Within.

Blast on!

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