Blessed Beings, all experiences on Earth and within your observable universe around you have force. It is imbued in life.

In a moment, force is either passive or active, the engine of opposites connecting.

From one perspective, it is passive; from another, active.

In a moment, it is either/or. The next moment it has become the other, the ‘and’ of connection, of consumption, of continuation through transformation.

Deep within these words are clues to your Wholeness.

Allowing Creation

An active force is dominant in the physical realm. A passive force is dominant in the subtle, unseen realm.

Yet even your science easily tells you that the physical realm is created by the subtle, unseen realm.

Your invisible cells create an organ that is visible. Your invisible subatomic particles create an invisible atom, which compels bonding/consumption into a new form that is visible in the physical realm.

What then is active and passive in your visible realm? Love is a passive force. It merely compels by it's inherent strength.

Love is a passive force.

It awaits, silently. It honors the separation with a deep compassion. It allows.

It is detached, honoring separation as an experience, knowing such peace that the separation is not a pain – it is a progression.

Connection is inevitable for one that Allows Love. 

A passive force does not overpower actively. It does not force connection, it allows connection.

A passive force merely compels by its inherent strength.

How strong are you?

Allowing Physicality

From your physical perspective, it seems the active force is stronger than the passive force.

You observe war, abuse, and control; then determine human laws of right or wrong.

It is your work in this time to balance the experience of the separated physical realm with the connected non-physical realm.

The lines of active and passive force must connect to create new form.

As you begin a deeper connection with your subtle nature, you are deepening your strength of Love.

You are connecting with a separated humanity through the invisible nature of your Love.

It is inherent, it is imbued within you.

You call it empathy, understanding, compassion, forgiveness and many other names.

All of these are great strengths. They are the strengths that require wisdom, patience and a connection to the yet unseen potentials of the future as humanity learns to move past fear.

To work in the subtle realms, one must look past the obvious.

That is the strength of Love, a force that is passive in the physical realm and dominant in the subtle realm.

Are you Allowing Love to direct your future?

As we sit to Blast Allowing Love, we are opening our eyes to the power of the moment, creating a chaos that offers a new choice, a new form, a new future.

We are appreciating the pace of humanity, understanding that progress builds at the perfect pace for the individual and the connected collective.

We are actively choosing Love, surrendering to the moment of creation, awaiting our awareness to birth into form.

We are no longer allowing problems to force our power off balance, for we are releasing the fear of transformation.

We are the power of peace, foreseeing a future of humanity strengthened in uniqueness and unified in Love.

Blast on!

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