2020 Ascension Energies – Following Your Heart

2020 Ascension Energies by Jamye Price

Happy 2020!

I’m not writing a traditional post for the 2020 energies, the information is in the video. It took awhile to create that video because it was too long and we had to stop and make it two! I had to follow my heart and readjust!

In the video, I also shared a card reading for the 2020 energies and I really enjoyed how the information flowed. In fact, I received an exercise from it that I’ve been working with for a few weeks. It’s been really helpful, so I’m excited to share it.

But I wanted to make a special post to share something that is not in the video.

One thing I like to do when I pull cards is look at whatever card ended up on the bottom of the deck. I consider it a little extra information about the reading.

I recommend that you watch the video for the full card reading first.

Then scroll


and find out






on the bottom

of the deck.

It’s a great one!








and beyond!

Woohoo! What great energy for a powerful 2020!

From the guidebook, “The Pleiadians learned that when you are peaceful and creatively open, you are forming a future that reflects this empowerment.”

Many years ago, my non-physical Guides taught me about how to discern and clarify the energy that is within whatever I am manifesting. When your foundation is a predominance of Love rather than fear, you are creating a fuller flow of Love into the world.

Of course, they’ve been adamant about being authentic with what you’re feeling and experiencing so you’re not avoiding the negative for a positive illusion rather than a positive foundation that supports and nurtures a fabulous future.

Love is a state of movement and being, not a static state of perfection.

When the compassionate ones are leading their lives boldly with Love, Love starts to lead the human experience.

I hope you enjoyed the video and this extra information. Create an amazing future through a powerful present!

If you’re interested in the exercise and the other video – the link is HERE

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  • Sandra Pieper
    Posted at 11:58h, 19 January

    I didn’t see anywhere where we can download any exercises. where is it.

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 07:21h, 20 January

      Hi Sandra, it’s the last sentence in the post, bolded. <3

  • Karina Larson
    Posted at 15:53h, 18 January

    Thank you muchly Jamye! So rewarding was your message, I was truly touched by it. With much love and gratitude………xo

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 07:19h, 20 January

      Thank you so much, Karina! Sweet blessings!

  • Amanda D
    Posted at 21:05h, 16 January

    This video & reading, your January energies report and also the December one, have literally confirmed to the exact same words/feelings/direction/guidance and mind blowing love flowing experiences that I have been having since mid-December!!!! I didn’t really even need confirmation because what I am feeling is such pure love flowing to me and through me it has moved me to a transformative state of that peaceful knowingness. I am sitting here with joyful tears streaming down my face for the amazing synchronicity here. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing this wonderful message and reading. I AM SO EXCITED 🙂

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 07:19h, 20 January

      Wonderful, Amanda! I also find the validations are helpful and stirring, even when we don’t need them. Much Love to you!

  • Shanna Faye
    Posted at 20:57h, 16 January

    Oh, got it now – thanks Jamye!

  • Shanna Faye
    Posted at 20:54h, 16 January

    What a lovely reading and transmission, Jamye. Thank you so much for that and I’m really curious about the exercise you are mentioning in the video. Is the link or pdf available yet?

    Much Love

  • Rebecca
    Posted at 18:16h, 16 January

    “This is why you’re here, Lightworker.”

    Me: 🥀😢😭🌹

    I needed that today. Thank you.


    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 18:19h, 16 January

      <3 Namaste, Rebecca

  • Elin Kopperud
    Posted at 18:04h, 16 January

    Hello and thank you so much!
    Ps! Link is not working! Lots of love from Elin❤️

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 18:12h, 16 January

      Ack! I was on a roll! :o) Thanks, Elin!

  • Jay Atkinson
    Posted at 16:59h, 16 January

    Wonderful video Jamye… I can’t find the link either lovely… can’t wait to do it! I love the cards, too xxx Happy 2020 dear lady xxx

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 18:05h, 16 January

      Thanks, Jay! I forgot! It’s there now.

  • L Stevens
    Posted at 16:54h, 16 January

    I second Rebecca’s comment. 😉
    I clicked on what I thought was a new image but it just re-started the same one.

    The cards are gorgeous, BTW. I’ll treat myself to a deck after we get some holiday bills out of the way… 😉

    I also sent my friend the elven link – is that new for you? It’s so perfect for her…

    (Hope you’re excited we’re so eager to get your resources – ha!)

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 18:16h, 16 January

      Thank you, Lori! I think I fixed it now. Blessings!

  • Natalie M Odell
    Posted at 16:08h, 16 January

    Hi Jamye

    Where do I find the PDF download link ?

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 18:17h, 16 January

      Thanks, Natalie! Sorry about that, it’s there now.

  • Rebecca Lovett
    Posted at 15:30h, 16 January

    Thank you Jamye! I am not finding the 2nd video and pdf you mentioned.

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 18:18h, 16 January

      Thanks, Rebecca. I finally fixed it!

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