Powerful One, open your heart and the Flow of Life changes.  Air finds the open lines of flow.  It fills every space.  It is so fine in form that you can not see it, but you feel its power to sustain Life.  This is similar to your Love.  You become the duct system through which the air (e’er) flows.  By your focus, the air is warmed and nurtures life into safety and comfort.  By your focus, the air is cooled and nurtures life into movement and expression.  That is your Compassion.  Your ability to Allow such Grace, that the world around you is comforted into unique expression from its natural state, One of Love.   
Compassion trusts.  It knows the inherent nature of All Life.  Compassion Allows, because the flow, though perhaps unseen in the moment, is Known to be an expression of Love seeking to know itself.  Compassion is courageous, because the Whole Truth understands Progress, the moments beyond the Now that are interwoven and thus portended by choice.  What will you choose?
Compassion.  Not a bleeding heart, but a leading heart.  Wisdom understands and foresees the Progress of Life and acts accordingly in the moment.  Compassion does not overpower, it empowers through the courage to direct and Allow.  Direction is for the Self, One chooses and direction follows choice.  Allowance is for the sharing of Life, for response is the natural Flow of Life.  Love expands.  The compassionate one has no fear of less than Love.  For there is no lack that must be filled by another.  Direction was chosen within. 
As we sit to Blast Compassion, we are directing Life with the adroit creativity of One that understands Love is the True Transformer of Life for it nurtures expression in form, expanding and enhancing the experience of Life.  We are opening to Self-Love that is so vast that the universe resides within the heart of each One.  We are reflecting Truth to each life formed, nurturing more empowerment, more creativity, more freedom to Flow.  We are the bold, showing the way, lighting the shore, seeding Heaven on Earth.  Your choice changes Flow, Compassion directs adeptly.  Blast on!

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