Through these next few months we’re going to have refinement energy that is serving two purposes.  As we become clearer within ourselves, our manifestation becomes quicker and easier (without so many lessons along the way!).  Also, as Lightworkers we are moving into a time of increased guidance for the masses that are awakening at a more rapid pace since the 11/11/11, so as we refine within ourselves we are learning perspective that serves others.  Assisting the masses is about living your Truth.  We each have different jobs as Lightworkers and it only serves to remind everyone that they, too, are Lightworkers.  If your job is accountant and you are a Lightworker, then as you live your Truth openly, you are serving.  Not preaching to your officemates about your belief structure, not leaving accounting because it’s not spiritual (everything is spiritual!) but living them – treating others the way you want to be treated, being authentic, holding flexible boundaries that serve your expansion, nourishment and integrity, observing others without judgment and finding a win/win perspective and solution to every experience.  In this sense you expand ‘being an accountant’ into being a Lightworker with an aspect of your Lightwork being accounting.  This takes you beyond the drone of work and brings Life into every moment.  As you do that you are changing the vibration of the office, the company, the employees, the corporate governing system and more. 
When you are living your Light, change becomes your ally.  It becomes progress, proof and potential.  When change occurs, you know that energy is moving.  You know that manifestation is forming.  You know that your focus and intent are being summoned so that the foundation of new form has a strong base in Love; structure that supports win/win solution.  I found myself Resisting Change in two ways recently.  First I found that I was resisting small, meaningless change.  Things that just had no impact were causing me more annoyance than necessary.  I also found that I was Resisting Change that I didn’t even know was going to come to fruition, I was focusing on too much ‘what if.’
At this stage in our Ascension, we are becoming adept at creating our reality.  We are living and exemplifying the Mastery of Love.  This is an empowered stance of the courage to find the wisdom in any experience and continue our focus even though the logic of the masses would dictate otherwise.  The masses are now awakening at a faster pace, the Lightworkers are now more supported to hold a vibration that facilitates global shift.  Change is your Freedom in whatever form it comes, for it is leading toward improvement.  As you resist, you are holding a fear-based vibration of incapability and uncertainty.  Don’t resist the resistance!  It is important to appreciate it and observe what it is teaching you about yourself.  Do you feel overwhelmed, unfocused, at odds within your beliefs or powerless?  This is a time of refinement and enhancement.  Allow the minor details to empower you to change.  Observance and Allowance are fearless states of Knowing that All is Well, even if it may not be apparent in the moment. 
As we sit to Blast Resisting Change, we are empowering our Mastery in the Now, which includes all moments.  We are practicing holding the vibration of Love empowered and Knowing that the Universal Flow of Life supports us toward improvement.  We are the observers that shift the vibration of what is into the vibration of what Love is.  We are the Wayshowers that teach what it means to live a life of Sharing Love in the world.  When Love directs change, we find the wonder of Life available at every turn.  That is the power within you that no one can resist!  Blast on!

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