All can be accomplished with Excellent Communication.  I think it is so cute how this LightBlast came through.  ‘Excellent’ always seems so sweet to me, perhaps because Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure was a fun, campy staple of my college years; there was such a joyful innocence to that movie, yet a nice message (Be excellent to each other).  Remember that courage from Allowing Another Within from last week?  Well, it ain’t over yet!  (Is bad grammar allowed in Excellent Communication?  LOL!)  Communication is a sharing.  In its fullest sense, Excellent Communication entails complete honesty.  As I’ve watched myself step up to the plate on more honest communication over the years (work in progress) I’ve realized I had to let go of manipulating through emotions, knowing when I’m reacting from my own insecurities and displacing them on another, standing up to a hard Truth that needs to be spoken as I hold my boundaries, allowing others to try to manipulate and calling them on it or letting them think I didn’t notice, as appropriate.  I’ve learned how to interact with people that will perpetuate negative or limiting beliefs and steer the conversation into a non-polarized discussion or just let them maintain their status quo without supporting it.  I’ve let go of gossip as daily sustenance (I still imbibe once in awhile – don’t judge!  LOL!) and I let go of continuing to mainly tell a negative story and focusing on ‘what is’ as the only valuable perspective.   
Excellent Communication begins Within.  It begins with being honest with yourself, forgiving with yourself and expanding your comfort zone to a new height of honesty.  Excellent Communication is a moment-by-moment interaction.  There are those that we communicate easily with – use them to appreciate how wonderful it can be.  There are those that challenge us with avoidance, degradation, manipulation, deception.  Use them to appreciate your inner recognition of where they are, where you are and where you want to be with your integrity and honesty.  Enjoy it all, for it is all serving growth.  Sometimes you don’t get to see another improve, but your honesty, your compassionate honesty, can help.  Being compassionate with yourself and supporting your own step-by-step improvement is also important.  There are those that we have such an emotional charge with that we may not have access to deep compassion for them yet.  There are those that are such poor communicators that we may not have expansive communication with yet (or ever).  These are all teaching us great lessons.  Progress is always happening when you are courageous enough to become aware. 
Sometimes Excellent Communication means the wisdom choice is maintaining silence.  Is it our job to point out all the rights and wrongs of another?  No, it is our job to maintain our own progress and Flow of Improvement, which means going Within, assessing our needs/motivations, evaluating Another’s involvement with it and expressing ourselves clearly, completely and Lovingly.  Sometimes that results in silence (or observance), sometimes conversation, sometimes confrontation.  Healthy boundaries are imperative to  Excellent Communication.  Communicating Lovingly doesn’t mean you’re a doormat, it means you wisely interact from a place of Allowing others to be as they are, maintaining your own boundaries of safety and fulfillment and choosing to create your life in an ever increasing Flow of Love and Empowerment. Confrontation doesn’t mean a rageful, abusive explosion.  It is best served as a calm, direct discussion, and getting someone to agree or even apologize should never be the goal.  Expressing yourself and holding your own boundaries is all that is ever necessary for your benefit.   
As we sit to Blast Excellent Communication, we are listening to our own heart and learning to Allow Love to be our response.  We are remembering that we are Empowered sovereign Beings that compassionately and assuredly hold our own boundaries.  We are understanding that the voice of Love has many words and actions that communicate constantly with an open heart.  We are activating our own Powerful Love that transforms the way the world shares and relates.  We are Lighting the way to a New Empowered World of Love as we Communicate clearly, honestly, patiently, compassionately and most Excellently.  Blast on, dudes!  :o)

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