Freedom And Love
Freedom And Love are synonymous, yet how many in relationship don’t feel free?  It’s a tricky one.  We all have different definitions of what Freedom means and what Love means.  How we communicate that and relate with that is the work of life.  You make agreements continually.  Your Lightwork is to make agreements that support Love’s expansion in your life (and thus the world around you).  The tricky part is not satisfying the ego when you really need to satisfy the heart.  When you just satisfy the ego, you shape a moment/experience into filling a need.  When you satisfy the heart, you shape the world into a moment/experience that feeds All Life – even if you are the only one involved.  For example, if you forgive yourself for thinking negatively about yourself, there was no one else involved and it seems that no one else would be harmed or helped.  But as you forgive yourself and release that thought-form (thoughts forming the world around you!), you are actually stopping those around you from having to live that negative thought form with you.  It causes them to either act it out for you or to receive it as you release it upon them.  This is the Fellowship of Life in which we all participate and Creation Responds.  Your relationship with the world around you is a reflection of your inner world.
Love would share your pain as it would share your triumph.  Beyond the physical, we are all united Beings of Love that come into human form to experience.  We come from Love (God), and though you may not feel Love for your neighbor in human form, you do Love them in their true form.  Thus you agree to experience life with them on Earth.  Did you ever notice your neighbors often move when you release the lessons they are reflecting for you?  Become Free and Loving in the moment and the binding of fear, shame and resentment gives way to Love’s grace.  Love is always a choice, your choice.  For another’s choice to Love frees them, but if you hold onto resentment, fear or shame you are still not free.
Freedom understands its Whole nature.  When you are Free, you understand yourself as Whole beyond the limitation of form.  This seems loveless to those that don’t understand Love that empowers.  Detachment is a place of deep Love that knows the ability of the Self to create and the ability of Creation to Respond. 
Freedom sees all humans as capable with the eyes of Truth, not the eyes of fear.  Limitation is not a prison, it is a plateau. 
Freedom sees a lover as safe with the eyes of Truth, not the eyes of delusion.  Limitation does not starve, it feeds growth. 
Freedom sees the Self as powerful with the eyes of Truth, not the eyes of comparison.  Limitation does not stagnate, it fuels expansion. 
Freedom sees All Life as perfect in its imperfection with the eyes of Truth, not the eyes of defeat.  Limitation does not bind, it strengthens. 
As we sit to Blast Freedom And Love, we are opening the flood gates of creation with the momentum of the energy that builds worlds.  We are becoming the powerful foundation of the new world.  We are releasing the binds of the old world of domination, suppression and pain and igniting the flame of the heart, Love’s desire.  We are a powerful energy in the world, allowing Love, not forcing life – for Love is always personal choice.  Blast on!

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