There are two types of Mental Exercise.  One helps you create; positive thought, inspired focus, exciting possibility.  The other hinders creativity; negative thought, review and worry, thought circling within a small box of possibility.  As with physical exercise of the body, when you balance your strength with flexibility, you have greater health.  Our mental self (or body, plane, functionality) serves a great purpose of reasoning, categorizing and analyzing.  These are powerful and necessary functions, but they only fully assist when used in balance with creativity.
Creativity is Love Flowing.  It can come in any form you can imagine (haha!).  Working with numbers can be a form of creativity when you love the challenge.  Talking with someone can be a form of creativity when you love the exchange.  Certainly classic artistic endeavors like painting and music are Love Flowing into form.  The mental function either allows that flow or stops it.  It stops creative flow when an expected outcome becomes more important than the journey; like stretching our knowledge, listening to an opposing view or playing an instrument perfectly for admiration from others.  It supports creative flow when we use our Mental Exercise to enjoy learning through trial and error, finding compassion for another or finding beauty in something we thought was a mistake. 
Our mental abilities give us the analytical aptitude to discover solution.  When we are in creative flow, we discover new solution.  In order to discover new solution, we have to access our heart energy.  This brings excitement and joy to our solution.  This also brings in the need for Trust.  (cue the music: dun dun duuuuunnnn)  It’s a cycle that supports growth, yet requires courage.  The beautiful Anais Nin quote speaks brilliantly to this, ‘And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.  In the most rewarding aspects of life, it takes the courage to blossom, whether its opening to love, taking on a new or improved career (or even just asking for a raise), having children, giving your time to help people in need, healing your negative patterns, allowing your family and friends to be imperfect….  All of life has potential to be creative, yet we also have the choice to stagnate. 
Trusting in Life to improve takes great courage.  The mental mind accesses the past and brings it into the present moment.  It is a vast access point for knowledge from the past; this life, past lives, others’ lives.  The mental body is a logical functionality that works towards survival and improvement.  This is why we can go on autopilot and brush our teeth without concentrating.  While the mental body interacts with emotion, it does not originate emotion.  It merely analyzes, categorizes and applies them from certain experiences of the past and then advises towards survival and progress in the safest manner.  This is incredibly valuable for survival.  Where the mental function loses touch is connecting the present to the future.  The mental function does not like unknown.  Unknown is scary and could result in death.  The unknown is a survival issue, so the mental wants to play it safe.  This is why we aren’t all mental.  This is why we are hard-wired for Love with a beautiful fail-safe mental body.  Ever meet someone that hasn’t quite learned how to apply the Law of Attraction in a grounded space of reality?  They are so ‘focused on love’ that they are actually just avoiding reality.  They’re still remaining tight in the bud because it hasn’t quite become painful enough yet.  It’s not a punishment; it’s just a function of life.  We have to honor the space of the moment whether it is one of release or receiving, positive or negative, rest or action, challenge or triumph.  Mental Exercise working towards improvement asks, ‘How is this moment teaching me to access more Love?’  When the heart is open, that moment is a gift of learning, not a punishment.  The heart is the access point of Love Flowing, so it always has access to new solution.  It is a space of all time and no limitation.  It Knows us as the eternal Beings of Love that we are.  It is the perfection of Love, appreciating the beautiful gift of the mental plane to bring in preference, joyful action and learning. 
We live in a world of time, structure and limitation.  How these will enhance and expand you is your choice of interaction with them.  Time is a beautiful journey of discovery when you don’t drag the past along with you into a fearful future.  Structure is a magnificent foundation of sharing when you don’t resent the labor of love.  Limitation is an exciting opportunity of innovation when you allow challenge to improve you.  The worldwide tragedies that have been occurring with frequency are/were a limitation that has the capacity to expand compassion, courage and trust into a new experience for many.  How will you use your Mental Exercise?  Do you mind suffering a little on the path to improvement?  Do you mind being annoyed, judged, misunderstood or challenged?  Do you mind a new solution coming in after you ‘failed’ a few times?  All of these are merely a choice of perspective.  It’s not a matter of perceiving joy during a tragic event or even a minor challenge, that would be avoiding reality.  It’s what you do with all the moments of your life.  The mind working with the heart (Mental Exercise) allows each moment to have its place with the understanding that all of them are initiating change for the better, even if you can’t see it or feel it in the moment.   That’s the capacity of the heart, to feel great sorrow when sorrow arrives and to feel great joy when joy arrives.  Risking joy when sorrow may possibly be a result is where the mental must concede to the heart.  The promise of Love is that it makes life more flavorful, sometimes with the salt of tears.  And don’t those come with joy as well as sorrow?  The heart, in its access to all time, knows the future of Love is assured. 
As we sit to Blast Mental Exercise, we are allowing the wisdom of the heart to relax the mind into a space of calm where new solution is found.  We are allowing new solution to be birthed in a future of faith and appreciating the gestation.  We are stretching our brilliant mental capacity to focus our inspiration into action and our patience into rest.  We are realizing the challenges as opportunities for growth and remembering that the promise of new life arises each morning.  We are using our capability to transform our world into a future of empowered people, beginning with ourselves and emanating that out.  We are focusing our mental power to support the courage of our heart to Love and Love again, even when the moment is a challenge.  We are recognizing our Love reflected in each brave hero, each brave choice, each brave artist, each brave flower, each brave moment.  We are using our Mental Exercise to build a healthy world of Love.  That is a beautiful mind.  Blast on!

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