Feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders?  It’s time to let it go.  Fortitude is strength – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength.  As Lightworkers we have been reevaluating strength and courage to create a new paradigm of what it means to be strong.  Oftentimes when change first occurs, the pendulum swings far to the other side.  That seems like a solution for awhile until the system seeks homeostasis, as typically a more balanced approach is needed.  That is where we are finding ourselves during this stage.  We are shifting very rapidly.  The pendulum may swing for a bit until we reach a balanced flow, then a period of rest and another swing at bat!  Are you in?  If you are, you’ll want to establish a stronghold of Love that is fearless and persistent.  When you are fortified with Love in all situations, you easily navigate the back-and-forth of Life, you end up with long term solution that nourishes Love’s growth into the future and you are experiencing Life fully; not walled-in to a bastion of avoidance, not flagrantly exposed without self-preservation.  You are courageously IN the world, yet not attached to its sway.  This is what we’ve been preparing for.  Our Time is NOW.
Your entire body system is created in harmony with Love’s courageous lead.  We are hard-wired for pleasure, we are soft-wired for compassion, our operating system is programmed for improvement.  It is the inherent Flow of Life.  Begin to notice it more and more.  This will acclimate your body systems toward more and more Love-based interaction and build the mental muscle that has been humanity’s missing link toward Empowered living.  Don’t allow your mind to put you into avoidance of what is being presented in your life.  You have the resources to process through challenge and come out of it clearer, stronger and renewed.  Don’t allow your mind to fortify negative programming or negative focus.  You have the resources to redirect mind chatter into a direction that enhances your growth, whether that is through meditation or affirmations that are reality-based, naturally stepping you into improvement.  In this way you fortify gradually.  That is an important aspect of creating, as we are creating in the subtle planes first – that is what makes us Lightworkers and that is what we are doing differently from others, most of the masses still believe you only create from doing doing doing.  As we build from the subtle, we must allow time to clarify our own subtle intent, allow new information to come in, readjust and remain open to change, synchronicity and co-creative participation from the unseen. This is the new paradigm and ‘Being the change you want to see in the world’ in action.
As we sit to Blast Fortitude, we are becoming the Empowered Love beacons that Light the way to shore.  We are realizing our immense capability to transmute less-than-Love into wisdom solution that supports Life beyond our Time.  We are the ambassadors of galactic origin that serve Love’s seeding and growth, which feeds legions through all seasons.  We are the fully realized Divine Human, emanating the vibration that reconfigures the subtle as it forms into the material.  We are remembering that challenge was the gift that awoke the dragon within and the warmth of Love is our True Nature.  Here we begin to boldly hold shore as the masses awaken.  You are in the time of Empowerment, seek support and be support.  No human is an island.  Unite in the strength of Love in form.  That is who you are.  Blast on!

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